How to send funds from your Wirex account

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You can send funds from your Wirex account to another Wirex user or to an external bank account. See how to add and manage your counterparties.

Note: To send funds, you will need confirm the transaction via the confirmation email you will receive. If you don’t confirm, the transaction will not go through.  

How to Send Traditional Currency

  1. Log into your Wirex account.

  2. On the Dashboard, select the account from which you want to make a transfer.

  3. On the account panel in the middle, click Send.

  4. On the next screen select To myself, To another person, or To a business.

  5. You will be prompted to enter the necessary details.

  6. Enter the amount which you need to transfer. You can choose to calculate it in your reference currency or send the maximum amount.

  7. Click Confirm. You won’t be charged yet.

  8. Review the details of your transfer. On this page, you can also add a comment on the purpose of your transfer. Then click Send.

  9. Go to your email and confirm the transaction.

  10. Your transaction is on its way! It will appear in your transaction history with the status “Processing”. When the funds arrive at their destination, this status will change to “Complete”.

    How to Send Crypto:

  1. From your Wirex app, select the needed account.

  2. Select Send.

  3. Enter the amount you wish to send

  4. Add the recipient's crypto address (make sure this is the address for this cryptocurrency)

  5. Review and confirm the details

  6. Confirm the transaction via email (sent to your registered email): to do this, you'll need to click the link in the email.

  7. The transfer request is sent to the Blockchain for completion

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