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How to verify your phone number

When you open an account with Wirex, we’ll ask you to verify a few things: your phone number, your identity and if necessary, your address. 

This guide is about verifying your phone number. We’ve also written guides to verifying your identity and verifying your address,and a guide on verifying your source of funds , in case we’ve asked you to do that.

  1. When it's time to verify your identity, you will be automatically redirected from the app homescreen to the Verify your Identity screen. Please note that you can only upload your verification documents in the Wirex app, not on our desktop platform. You can also start the verification process in your app by going to Preferences > Profile.

  2. Tap Verify Identity.

  3. On the Confirm Personal Information screen, complete the fields, check them for accuracy and tap Next.

  4. To verify your mobile phone number, go to the Phone Confirmation screen, enter your number and click Verify my phone.

  5. We will send a verification code to your mobile phone by SMS. Enter the code and click Submit. If the code is correct, your phone number will be verified successfully.

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