I want to be your partner, what options are available?

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We appreciate your wish to become our partner, and we always welcome your initiative. At the initial stage, we advise our potential partners to start with the Affiliate Program. It allows you to recommend our cards to your target audience and get bonuses on their further activity. You start getting income almost immediately, without major investment of time, money or development resources, while your participation gives us an idea of how successful you are and potentially can be in promotion of our service. This is an essential criteria for us to build a strong partnership together.

If you want to have deeper integration with us, and your ambition is to go beyond simple card reselling, or you have some extraordinary ideas how we can do business together, we are certainly willing to talk. Please start by filling out the attached form. Provide as much detail as possible about your idea/offer alongside with your contact details. Send the form to our team with the subject line [Partnership], and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

If your offer is regarding advertising, marketing or promotion, send us the details on what exactly you are offering us and the pricing (or any other reward you are looking for) to our PR team with the subject line [Advertisement]. If you have a website, a Youtube channel, blog, audio show, etc., do not forget to include the links, the information about your audience, traffic statistics, and why you think your audience are our potential customers. Do check our Affiliate program, it might suit your needs very well.

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