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Is my information safe with Wirex ?

The security of your personal details is our priority. We employ the latest technology to keep your information and funds as safe as possible, including:

Email confirmation. Your Wirex account is linked to your mailbox. Any action that involves transferring funds out of your Wirex account requires confirmation by email. We strongly recommend you have different passwords for your Wirex account and Wirex-linked mailbox.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA is an extra layer of security that helps keep your funds and data as safe as possible. Read our Help Centre article about 2-factor authentication for more details. To make your account more secure, we recommend that you enable 2FA for both for your Wirex account and your Wirex-linked email account.

Multi-signature technology. Every Wirex account is protected by BitGo's multi-signature technology. This makes it impossible to transfer account funds without the permission of every party involved. You can learn more about multisig security here.

Monitoring. Our sophisticated monitoring software and analysis tools can detect unusual account behaviour, helping reduce the risk of money laundering and fraud.

Verification. We require verification before any major change is made to your account, such as disabling 2FA or changing your email address. This makes sure that you’re the only one who can make changes to your account or personal details. Account-related requests can only be addressed by our Support Team if initiated from your Wirex-linked email address. 


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