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Linking your local card to your Wirex account

You can link your local bank card to Wirex and use it to top up your accounts and buy cryptocurrency. When we say “local card”, we mean a Visa or Mastercard issued by a financial institution other than Wirex. “Linked card” refers to a local card that you have linked to your Wirex account. Keep in mind, you’ll need to get verified before you can link a card.

Note: you can have up to 5 cards linked to your Wirex account. Also, you can change your linked cards up to 5 times per month. The same local card cannot be linked to different Wirex accounts.

How to link your local card

You can link a new card from the Preferences and Top-up screens, or from the Order Card screen if your accounts are empty.

  • To link a new card in from Preferences, go to Preferences → Linked Cards Link New Card. You will prompted to enter the card number, expiration date, CVV, and cardholder name. Then you'll be asked to confirm your billing address. Once you’ve done this, just hit Confirm to link your card.
  • To link a new card from the Top-up screen, go to Linked Card → Link New Card. Then repeat the process above.
  • If all your Wirex accounts are empty when you order a new Wirex Visa card, you will also be prompted to link a local card at that time to top up your account. To do this, select Link a New Card when prompted. The process will be the same as described above.

As soon as you link your local card, you can start using it to top-up your Wirex account and buy cryptocurrency.

Note: Only cards which are 3-D secure can be linked to Wirex.

Local card transaction limits

The following limits in USD equivalent apply:



Minimum transaction amount

10 USD

Maximum transaction amount (unconfirmed  card)

2000 USD

Maximum transaction amount (confirmed card) 25000 USD   
Maximum daily limit (unconfirmed card) 2000 USD
Maximum daily limit (confirmed card) 25000 USD
Maximum number of successful transactions per 24 hours 5
The number of cards that can be linked to the account at the same time (in order to link a new card, the previous one should be deleted) 5

* The limit refers to a user, not a transaction

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

Note:  Mastercard users may notice that they are being charged a commission when using their card to top-up their Wirex account. The exact commission amount will vary and depend on the issuing bank and card type (credit/debit).
If you’d like to clarify your specific commission for Wirex transactions, we recommend you contact your issuing bank directly. The relevant Merchant Category Code is 6051.

Visa users are currently not charged commissions for this type of transaction

I cannot link my local card to my Wirex account

If you are having trouble linking your card please contact our Support Team, who will be able to help.

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