The Stellar Federation Address is an identifier which incorporates your Stellar account id and memo addresses for the purpose of sending and receiving XLM and Wollo. Put simply, it’s an email-like address that combines your lengthy Stellar address and unique memo in one.

Sending or receiving Stellar-based tokens to or from a 3rd-party platform or exchange usually requires your wallet address and a Stellar memo. Not only are they difficult to remember, but transactions made without them might be delayed or not work at all.

Your Federation Address means that you need only remember one memorable identifier if you want to receive Stellar-based tokens. Simply share it with the sender and you’re away. The same goes for sending Stellar-based tokens. Instead of running the risk of mistyping the receiver’s wallet address and memo, just input the destination Federation Address into the address field.

How to find your Federation Address

To find your Federation Address, navigate to the account details section of any of your Stellar-based crypto accounts. Your Federation Address will be shown here.  It will usually appear as “name*”, where “name” is your nickname and “” is the domain. If you need to change your federation address, you must edit your Wirex nickname.

Note: Federation addresses only work for Stellar-based tokens. While many third-party exchanges and platforms support Federation Addresses, some do not. If you need to receive funds from someone who is using an external provider, please check that their provider supports federation addresses. If it does not, you can still complete the transaction by providing them with your usual Stellar address and unique memo. You can find a list of wallets that support Federation Addresses here.

How to change your Federation Address

Changing your Federation Address is easy:

1.    Simply go to the preferences section of your app, and click profile.

2.    Here, you’ll find your Wirex Nickname. Since your Federation Address is generated using this nickname, you have to change it in order to alter your Federation Address.

3.    Type in your new nickname, then press save in the top right-hand corner. Your new nickname and Federation Address are ready to go!

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