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What is Source of Funds/Source of Wealth?

As a regulated entity, on occasion we are required to ask for additional information regarding how our customers fund their Wirex accounts. This is to ensure we comply with Anti-money laundering and Know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. 

A Source of Funds document explains the origin of the source of wealth from your bank or crypto asset deposit. 

A suitable source of funds document can be uploaded when prompted in-app or via email correspondence with Wirex. Please note that we will only use this documentation for verification purposes and will never share any information with 3rd parties. 

If your source of funds is from another crypto wallet, you can use this as appropriate documentation. This must be in the form of an account statement from your wallet provider or a proof of balance letter 

Examples of appropriate Source of Funds/ Source of Wealth documentation: 

  • Payslips or Tax Statements dated within the last 3 months with supporting bank statement showing credits 

  • Bank/ Savings Statement NOT Credit Card Statements (Screenshots acceptable and must state your full name and account number) 

  • Proof of Inheritance (copy of a testament or letter from executor or lawyer) 

  • Pension Funds (pension statement document) dated within the last 12 months 

  • Sale of property / business: (signed copy of contract of sale, land registry document or letter from estate agent / lawyer) 

  • Gift or donation (certified letter from person who provided gift / donator with other evidence of their source of funds such as bank statement or source of wealth) 

  • Crypto wallet evidence must include original source of funds evidence 

  • Signed letter from a qualified accountant or notary 

  • Proof of sales of shares or other investments 

If your Source of Funds documentation relates to a custodial or non-custodial wallet, you must provide the following: 

  • name of the wallet provider 

  • account owner information, such as email address or name; 

  • transfers made to your Wirex account (hash ID or destination wallet should be clearly visible); 

You will also need to indicate the origin of crypto assets (purchase, gift, payment for services provided, salary, mining etc.) 

Documentation should comply with the following: 

• Must be in one of the following formats - .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg 

• Should be visible in full 

• State your full name, date of the statement, and dates of transactions should be clearly visible  

• All transaction details should be legible 

• Bank statements/payslips / other documents must be relevant and dated within the last 3 months or covering the date of the transaction in question 

Wirex will review documentation provided and may request further supporting information to validate  

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