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What is the X-Account Interest?

How is the interest generated?
When you add funds to your X-Account, you start earning interest straight away. Your interest is calculated daily and paid weekly so you can see your funds growing every week.  

The reason that we can offer such high interest rates is because when you credit your X-Account, we convert those funds into DAI or another stablecoin (depending on the currency you credit) and place them in a DeFi protocol for you. This removes the high fees and complexity usually associated with accessing DeFi, giving you one simple balance that you can watch grow or withdraw from anytime. Integrating this DeFi protocol into X-Accounts means a high return on funds - and we pass this onto you in the form of interest. 

When is my interest paid?

Your interest is paid every week, starting from the day you open an X-Account.  

For example, if you open an X-Account and add funds to it on the 1st of January, your first weekly interest payment will be made on the 8th of January. Subsequent payments will be made on the 15th, 22nd and so on. 

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