What to do if your Wirex card is lost or stolen?

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Don't panic. If you suspect your Wirex card is lost or stolen, take the following steps to protect yourself from unauthorised transactions.

Retrace your steps
When was the last time you remember using your Wirex card? At the cafe? In the car? Shopping online in the living room? Giving it to your kids to purchase a new app on their smartphone? Try to retrace your steps, you may find it.
If you still can't find the card, keep calm and move on. Act quickly to protect your funds.

Block your card right away
Don't hesitate to block your card. Use the Wirex app or website to block your lost/stolen Wirex card anytime.
How to block Wirex cards:

If you can't access the Wirex app or website, please contact the Wirex support team and tell them your name, email address and card currency. If you find the missing card, you can unblock it by contacting the Wirex support team.

Want to use your remaining balance in the missing card before the replacement card arrives? Though we recommend blocking the card right away, you may move funds from your card into your bitcoin account before blocking it.

Pay attention to your card transactions
Keep an eye on your transaction records, viewable on the Wirex app and/or online. Please contact the Wirex support team as soon as possible if you see any unauthorised transactions.

Request a replacement card
To request a replacement for your missing Wirex card, contact the Wirex support team and provide your delivery address and phone number. Replacement may incur additional charges. The remaining funds will be moved from your old card to the new replacement card automatically.
If you've registered the lost/stolen Wirex card on any payment services, make sure to update the new card information once you receive a new card.

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