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Why you need to verify your source of funds and how to do it

We may make source of funds enquiries during the verification process, or later when we need to understand how you are using your account and the money you pay in and take out of it. We will reach out either via Wirex app or via email and ask you to answer a few questions and/or provide SOF / SOW documentation.  

Please note that we will NEVER contact you by phone. All email communications will only be from a @mail.wirexapp.com or @wirexapp.com email address. We will also never contact you regarding such requests over social media.  

1. When it is time to verify/re-verify your SOF/SOW, you'll receive a notification in the app with a corresponding email or an email from @mail.wirexapp.com or @wirexapp.com email address. We will provide instructions as to what information and/or documents we need you to send us to complete the checks. 

2. Prepare the supporting documentation of your source of funds/wealth (according to what was requested from you in the app or the email which you received from us). 
Note: Examples of acceptable documents to complete this process are provided in this article https://wirexapp.com/help/article/what-is-source-of-fundssource-of-wealth-0892  

3. You will be able to attach your documents in the app, or reply directly to the email we sent you. 

4. Our team will review the submitted documents, and reach out if any additional information, clarification or documentation is required.   

5. Once everything is in order, your access to your account will be granted/restored and you may resume your normal activity on the Wirex platform.  Simple as that! 

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