On the Wirex App Settings page, you can perform the following actions:

- Manage and verify your account
- Set up security preferences 
- Get help
- Read terms and conditions


In the Account section, you can edit your Profile Information, send documents for verification, check your verification status and affiliate details, and select your preferred Reference Currency.

  • Profile. This section includes your full name, date of birth, mobile phone number, billing address, your nickname for a referral link, and the verification status.
  • Rewards info: learn how to earn free Bitcoin with your friends by participating in our Refer-a-Friend programme
  • Reference currency. Reference currency allows you to view your crypto balance in a fiat currency (USD/GBP/EUR). Read more in the Reference Currency article.
  • Linked cards: see which debit/credit cards you've linked to your Wirex account
  • Change password. You can change the password to your Wirex account from your Wirex app.
  • Log out of your account here


You can use the following options to maximise your account security:

  • PIN increases your mobile banking security. When this option is On, the Wirex app will ask you to enter your personal PIN every time you open the app. NOTE: Your personal PIN is NOT your card's PIN. You create the personal PIN when you enable it in settings. 
    If you are using Touch ID, this option is enabled by default.
  • Touch ID (iOS) / Fingerprint (Android): When this option is On, the Wirex app will ask for your fingerprint every time you open the app. Note: you need to have Touch ID / Fingerprint Authentication pre-enabled on your device. If you are unable to use your fingerprint, we recommend using the Wirex app PIN instead.
  • Two-factor authentication. Enable 2-factor authentication for your Wirex account for better security. Note: we highly recommend keeping this function enabled. 
  • Hide balance: Switch on to avoid displaying the amount of funds that you currently have in your wallet. Instead, you will see the "Show balance" message. 
  • Push notifications: Switch off if you don't want to receive push notifications about your account's activities and transactions. 
  • Verified devices. Here you can find a list of verified devices. If you are not using the device anymore, you can remove it from the list.

Terms and Conditions

You can check our terms and conditions, as well as Visa service agreements, in this section.


In this section, you can find our Help articles, contact the support team and get information about your Wirex app.

  • Help Center. You can open the Help Center right from your Wirex app and find the information you need.
  • Contact Us. If you are facing an issue or cannot find the answer to your questions in the articles, feel free to contact the Wirex Support team. Read more in the Wirex App: How to contact Wirex support? article.
  • Live Chat. Chat with our support team.
  • About. Information about your current installed version of the Wirex app.

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