Wirex Cryptoback™ program

With Wirex’s new Cryptoback™ rewards program, the more you spend with your Wirex payment card, the more you receive back! Receive Cryptoback™ worth 0.5% every time you make an in-store purchase, swipe your Wirex payment card or use Tap and Go. Your Cryptoback™ reward is instantly added to your reward balance located within your Wirex app, in the form of Bitcoin, which can be redeemed to your BTC wallet anytime.

Note: The Wirex Cryptoback™ program is available only for in-store payments and excludes online payments and ATM withdrawals, peer-to-peer fund transfers, tax payments, and any transactions that are not in-store purchases. Cryptoback™ rewards are calculated against the amount of each transaction, excluding commissions or fees.

You don't have to activate your Cryptoback™ program. You will begin to accrue Cryptoback™ as soon as you start spending in-store.

Your Cryptoback™ balance is displayed in your Cryptoback™ rewards wallet in Satoshis - the units which make up a Bitcoin. You can redeem your rewards after your Cryptoback™ balance reaches 100 Satoshis.

Note: Only multiples of 100 can be redeemed. Any Satoshis in excess of a multiple of 100 not redeemed will remain in your Cryptoback™ wallet.

You can check your current Cryptoback™ balance and see the list of transactions where Cryptoback™ was accrued (with details) in DashboardWirex Rewards (in the app, Dashboard > Rewards).  You can also redeem your Cryptoback™ rewards from here, to your BTC wallet.

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