Melalui Dekstop

Log into your account. If you are new to Wirex and would like to add funds using bitcoins, transfer them from an external wallet into your Wirex bitcoin wallet. In the main account, go to ‘Add Funds.’ In the ‘BTC’ box, generate an address and transfer bitcoins to the address shown on screen. Then, select ‘Load Card’, located on the top bar.

Select the correct card account, enter an amount and click on ‘Submit’. If you would like to convert the full amount of bitcoin into the card currency, select ‘Maximum Amount’. The real-time bitcoin rate will be displayed onscreen. When you click ‘Continue’, the rate will be frozen for 10 minutes.

Review your transaction and select ‘Confirm’ to proceed. Success — you have used bitcoins to add funds to your card!

Melalui aplikasi Wirex
(Android | iOS)

Log into your account and check your bitcoin wallet for funds that you can convert to cash. Don’t have any? Generate an address and transfer bitcoins from an external wallet. On the main screen, select the card icon located on the lower-right side.

Select a card account and enter the amount you wish to load onto your card. Choose ‘Maximum Amount’ to convert all of the bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet to cash. Use the ‘Toggle’ button to switch between the card currency and bitcoin.

Review your transaction and click ‘Submit’. Success — you have used bitcoin to add funds to your card!