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Interviews from Wirex at the ICO event London

October 19, 2017 10:00 am Published by

Raphael our Wirex Community manager attended the ICO event in London last week; for the Crypto Enthusiast community. Check out his interviews from the event below, and get some amazing information on some new ICO’s and more!

‘Wirex urges all viewers to conduct their own due diligence. This content is published for educational purposes only. Join the discussion @ www.community.wirex.com’.

Hassans Legal Interview

Richard, a lawyer from one of the biggest crypto/finance law firms, offers Wirex an insight into legal issues surrounding Crypto.

In this interview we explore:

  • Who needs legal help
  • The legal and regulatory landscape in the crypto sphere

Learn more about Hassans


Oliver is the founder of Pally. Pally is currently offering a chance to invest in their ICO and gives Wirex a look at the potential future of social experiences.

Some of Pally’s features:

  • Decentralised social travel ecosystem.
  • Allows it’s users to make friends and encounter authentic experience
  • Pally adventures – Marketplace for cool experiences, using direct peer to peer payment.

Learn more about Pally


Vandim Andreev gives Wirex an exclusive insight into their vision for the future of gaming; allowing gamers to earn and spend a new Cryptocurrency; by allowing gamers to play AAA titles on low power devices.

Some key features of PlayKey:

  • An ICO for the gaming community
  • De-centralised cloud gaming platform
  • You will be able to play on any device
  • Is already available as a service; with crypto and blockchain integration coming soon.

Learn more about PlayKey


Martial gives some insight into the world of Cryptocurrency liquidity for margin trading; giving access to Forex traders and stock brokers:

  • Institutional crypto aggregator
  • Bringing institutional investors into a platform, that can facilitate all their investments.
  • Allowing participants a legal, safe and secure framework to enjoy the fruits of the Crypto market.

Learn more about B2BX


Normunds gives a fascinating insight into the potential future of data inheritance, and how blockchain technology can make passing on your data, easier and more secure.

We discuss:

  • What happens to your portfolio after you die.
  • How to manage your valuable data, and make it accessible to loved ones.
  • Not just crypto but all data On the blockchain.

Learn about DigiPulse

Anna Coin

Wirex interviewed Zeena from Anna Coin; at the ICO Event in London on the 11th of October 2017.

Anna Coin is:

  • A coin incentive for mapping subjective ideological information
  • Helping to get different perspectives on ideologies to reduce hate, and increase community education.
  • Breaking down information barriers, through education.

Learn more about Anna Coin

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