Assicurati che il tuo Wirex sia verificato

La verifica è facile e richiede solo 2 documenti. Controlla verifica conto Wirex linee guida e passaggi.


Select the correct ‘Add Funds’ option available forNetherlands

Accedi e clicca su 'Aggiungi fondi' e scegli 'Fast Bank Transfer'. Wirex non applica commissioni per il servizio, tuttavia, la banca potrebbe farlo inNetherlands verrà addebitata una piccola commissione. Verifica tariffe bonifico.


Effettua un bonifico diretto

On the next page, choose your country and bank, then proceed to transfer funds into your bank account as shown.​ Please ensure that you use the correct fund transfer details and payment references. We are not responsible for funds accidentally transferred to the wrong account! Depending on the speed of your bank, you will see the amount reflected in your Wirex card balance as soon as a few short minutes. Success — you have used bank transfer to add funds to your card!