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Important Notice:

Thank you for your continued support for Wirex services.

In compliance with the partial revision of Japan’s Payment Services Act, which established new regulations for the introduction of virtual currency exchange providers in 2017, Wirex will temporarily suspend our services for customers living in Japan. At the same time, our current card issuer (WaveCrest ) has been required to stop service outside the EU of October 15, 2017, which will stop the use of current Wirex-issued cards, including both virtual accounts and plastic cards, for Japan-based residents.

As a result of the above, any cash (US dollar, British Pound and/or Euro) held by Wirex customers (non-EU) remaining in the Wirex account from October 14, 2017, as of 15:00 Japan time, must be exchanged to bitcoin. The currency exchange rate will be the actual rate at time of exchange. The exchanged bitcoins will be stored in your Wirex bitcoin wallet. As far as possible, we request that customers should withdraw cash or exchange bitcoins, at their own discretion, before October 14, 2017.

After October 14, 2017, Wirex will continue to provide users in Japan with the ability to transfer virtual currency (bitcoin) from their Wirex bitcoin wallet to an external, non-Wirex bitcoin wallet.

Please note that in order to comply with Japan’s Payment Services Act, Wirex Limited cannot on behalf of customers based in Japan, trade virtual currencies, exchange a user’s bitcoins with other virtual currencies, mediate, intercede, or act on behalf of others, nor provide any other exchange services, which include but are not limited to the following points below. Wirex customers in Japan will not be able to:

  • Purchase products at stores using a Wirex card
  • Conduct ATM transactions using the Wirex card, either deposit and/or withdraw cash
  • Exchange legal currencies and/or virtual currencies via their Wirex account

Wirex is now actively fulfilling all necessary requirements to resume service provision in Japan. Wirex will offer the following services after our next launch in Japan:

  • Support Japanese Yen transactions
  • Support multiple fiat currencies
  • Support multiple virtual currencies, including bitcoin

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience until Wirex service restarts in Japan. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

If you have any question about the suspension of Wirex’s services, please contact via the link below:

Or, by post at:

Wirex Limited (CRN 09334596)
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