Buying Bitcoin with the security of your new Wirex account

First of all, a big warm welcome.

You are now a member of an amazing community of Bitcoin and Litecoin lifestyle investors.

Price of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s price is rising fast and you can now buy instantly and safely via your Wirex account.

Let’s get you started:

Our updated Wirex multi-crypto checkout will be released in 2 phases.

Phase one is available now in 44 countries (see full list of countries) and includes a free virtual payment card during your account verification.

Submit your verification documents now and our busy support team (working around the clock) will let you know as soon as your account is verified.

Verifying your account is done to protect you as a consumer and the integrity of our global digital finance platform.

With a verified account, you’re all set to buy bitcoin securely:

a). Log into your Wirex account (on desktop or mobile app) and link your regular bank or credit card to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin from our fully secured checkout. We’ve made the buying process really easy too.

b). The Bitcoin and Litecoin gets stored in your Wirex digital wallet where you can keep it safe or transfer it to another multi-crypto wallet whenever you like.

Phase Two coming soon will make our checkout available in over 100 countries – however, this will no longer include the free virtual payment card that you receive today.

Follow along with Raphael in the video below to claim your free virtual card, get verified fast, and buy your first bitcoin with Wirex.


Happy days ahead.