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Multiply your profits from Bitcoin-related startups, ICOs and Altcoins

August 8, 2017 12:00 pm Published by

In 2017 we’ve seen dozens of blockchain-related startups selling tokens in their ICO’s.

And, just in case you’re really new to this:

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. It’s a bit like an IPO (initial public offering) when a company launches on the stockmarket.

Here’s how it works:

Blockchain startups create ‘e-coins’ using a platform like Ethereum (another cryptocurrency) and these coins can be bought and sold similar to the old dying world of traditional stocks and shares.

It seems like the whole world is moving to blockchain.

What is the real profit potential here?

You’ve probably heard:

“Most people lose money on the stock market.”

… and things like:

“Don’t try and time the market. The best way to invest is to ‘buy and hold’… just like Warren Buffet.”

ICO’s are a completely different ball game.

Traditional stocks and shares increase 20 to 40% after an IPO.

However, Facebook has risen about 300% since its IPO in 2012 (5-years ago). Not bad.

And dozens of ICOs in the blockchain industry have seen gains as much as 1000% in just a few months.

That’s practically unheard of in the stock market, but totally normal in the new and emerging blockchain industry.

Here are some stats gathered from ICO stats:

  • NEO is up over 130000% since the ICO (Oct 2015)
  • Etheroll is up over 6504% since the ICO (Feb 2017)

Among the more recent ICOs, we can see impressive returns within the last month (July, 2017)

  • OmiseGO is up 481%
  • Lunyr is also up 364%

And the list goes on…

What can you do to take advantage of today’s opportunity for blockbuster investments in bitcoin or blockchain related startups?


Until Wirex hires someone on staff who is legally able to provide a private client investment advisory service, all we can do is share articles and updates for “educational purposes only” — and you’ll have to read between the lines and make your own bitcoin-related investment decisions.

In fact:

Even if I was a fully qualified Investment Advisor already (I’m thinking of a diploma myself), I truly hope that you would not ‘take my advice’ anyway…


Because your power for profiting in the new age of crypto-finance and investment opportunities come from self-empowerment.

To become your own central bank, your own financial advisor, your own fund manager…

My suggestion: Don’t accept anything or anyone as an authority over your financial future… least of all banks or governments.

What I share is my opinion only, it’s for “education and entertainment purposes only”, never intended as personal investment advice.


So with that said — and if you’re ready for a wild ride over the next 2 to 3 years that will make your hair stand on end with excitement, which gives you adrenaline rushes of epic proportions, and gets your greed glands pumping to the max… then what I’m going to share with you via Wirex Customer Communications for Cryptocurrency Profits just might help shape your own, your family’s and your friends’ financial destiny — starting in just a few of weeks from now.

Ready to begin?

Mark this date on your calendar as the moment you discovered the Wirex Profit Bulletin.

Each month we’ll publish a report on what’s hot and what’s not ( our opinion), from our unique position as insiders in the cryptocurrency industry.

For example: Altcoin projects approach us regularly, requesting that we promote them or add their token to our digital wallet platform.

Wirex is in a unique position to cover blockchain startups, as we’ve been there and done it, with profitable growth over the past 3 years.

So again, we won’t be publishing ‘investment advice’. Sorry, we’re not allowed to. At least not until we have someone onboard with a legally recognised ‘investment advisor’ qualification.

(Even if we do have people on staff who make multiple times better investment decisions than typical investment advisors!)

However: We will share our public opinion about the quality of different ICOs.

Be sure to keep the latest Wirex app updated on your phone to receive urgent in-app messages related to hot ICO launches.

I look forward to sharing details of the very first ICO we’ll be covering in just a few days time.

Its ICO is taking place in just a few weeks so now is the time to do your due diligence and research it for potential investment.

We’ll share as much as we can without crossing the legal line of ‘investment advice’.

You’ll make your own decisions on what to actually invest in for yourself.

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