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Practical tips before ordering your first Wirex card

June 9, 2016 8:06 am Published by

So you have decided to get yourself a Wirex card. Congratulations and welcome to the financial revolution!

Wirex cards are easy to get and even easier to use. However, as they are a new type of product and not offered by traditional financial services, we thought you might appreciate a helping hand to get you started on the right note.

Here are some practical tips you can use before you order your first Wirex card.

New Wirex User? Get a free virtual card

If you are a new Wirex user and have no cards yet in your account, you can claim a free virtual card from Wirex desktop or app platforms. All you have to do is go to or Wirex app (Android | iOS), register/log in, and order a card.

To clarify, the free card is  only for new accounts with no cards.

Do you want to use your card straightaway, or when it reaches you by post?

Wirex cards come in two types: virtual and plastic. Virtual cards can be issued and used instantly (for online payments only), while the plastic card takes between 1-8 weeks to arrive (depending on your location and delivery method).

If you’d like to use it immediately for online purchases, we suggest getting a virtual card.

If you’d like to use it for offline purchases and ATM withdrawals, we suggest getting a plastic card. When your plastic card arrives, all you have to do is to follow the card activation process and your new card is ready for usage as soon as you activate it. Please note that we can only deliver Wirex cards to the following countries. We are working towards adding more countries to the list.

Do you want virtual card, plastic card or both?

Virtual and plastic cards have their own unique advantages. For example, virtual cards can be used to withdraw funds from PayPal onto your card account while plastic cards can be used for over-the-counter transactions and cash withdrawals from ATM. Both, however, can be used for many other things such as instant money transfer and buy bitcoin feature.

You can check this in-depth article for a full explanation of the similarities and differences between virtual and plastic cards.

Yes, you can absolutely get both types of cards to enjoy the unique benefits of both!

Which currencies do you want: USD, GBP or EUR?

You can order one virtual card and one plastic for each currency, for a maximum of six cards for 3 currencies.

How to decide how many currencies you need? Simple! What’s your spending habits like? If you like to make online purchases in USD, then you should get the USD card. If you travel often and switch USD, GBP and/or EUR frequently, you can use them as travel cards and easily convert from one currency to another from the free Wirex app. For example, if you live in Europe and travel to the United Kingdom, you can transfer funds from your Euro card into your Pounds card with attractive currency rates, then withdraw the money from any ATMs.


We hope these tips helped you to make your card order with Wirex. If you are new to this product, you can further read this beginner’s guide and get familiar with its unique features.

Have more questions? We can help! Our Help page answers many basic questions. You can also tweet to us at @wirexapp or email us at

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