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Rivetz ICO: crypto investment opportunity in Rivetz RvT token sale

August 19, 2017 5:01 pm Published by

How seriously do you take your privacy?

As technology advances the risks of identity theft or password hacks is increasing.

Your mobile device carries more personal information about you than you might expect.

From browsing behaviour to financial records.

Thieves care about that just as insurance companies do. Protecting your personal information, device data, financial records, and access to your various accounts is going to be big business.

And Rivetz has a solution.

What is Rivetz?

“Rivetz is building a Global Attestation and Identity Network to improve the security of the devices on which we rely”

“Rather than a password being the last line of defense, individual devices can be deputized to broker access to valued online assets”.

Basically… Rivetz will use blockchain technology to validate micro-processes within the central security controls of your mobile device to maximize personal data security beyond anything available to date.

Beyond that… the RvT token will provide a secure mechanism for decentralized service integration, including (drum roll) cryptocurrency wallets.

This is the type of technology that ends up getting used everywhere (like Flash, Java, MP3s, etc).

When is Rivetz’ ICO?

The token sale runs from August 10 to September 10, 2017.

As of 19th August, 1971 participants have contributed 34,944 ETH (approximately $10.3m)

Why Rivetz?

Rivetz platform already has over a million dollars in contracts so it’s an actively used product right now, not just a ‘whitepaper fantasy’ of a few code heads like so many ICOs seem to be.

And the potential is massive:

“The current mobile market with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) capability is over one billion shipped devices. Combined with an estimated one billion enterprise grade personal computers deployed, this creates a potential market of a significant portion of over two billion devices with the ability to upgrade to Rivetz improved security. “ – Whitepaper page 20

Everyone has a device that needs security services.

Rivetz Investment Potential

With an operational product and existing business contracts, I wouldn’t expect Rivetz to be a ‘pump and dump’ ICO where the price crashes hard and takes months to recover.

Rivetz could see a slow and steady rise for years to come with pops in price whenever big contract announcements are made. And I would expect a fair few.

What will Rivetz do with the ICO funds they raise?

  • Support third-party developers
  • Incentivize use and adoption of the ecosystem by users
  • Expansion of the ecosystem
  • Support marketing and strategic partners
  • Reward service providers

Quick Summary

You might want to back this one if you believe in the need for better data security and keen on an established player in the security market with a blockchain product and proven market demand.

Of course, there are still a tonne of questions you might need to consider before investing your hard earned money. Here’s a few to help you get started:

  • Who is the team behind Rivets and what does their experience look like?
  • Do you find the team’s background to be sufficient to lead the project to success?
  • How does the Crypto community feel about this ICO?

I encourage you to do your own research and join in on the fun. Ask questions, get involved, check out Reddit and bitcointalk forums and see for yourself.

Rivetz Website

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