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On the 6th day of Christmas, Satoshi gave to me… NEO!

December 17, 2017 9:00 am Published by

So you’re back to learn more about the top trending cryptos?

You’re in the right place. We’re half-way through the 12 days of Crypto, a series designed to get you talking about all the popular coins at your Christmas dinner party.

Hopefully, by now you have enough conversation starters, but if you can talk for hours on end about crypto like our community manager, Raph, we’ve got plenty more.

On the 6th day… the grandfather of Cryptocurrency and creator of Bitcoin has gifted us with NEO.

What is NEO?

Neo, previously known as Antshares is commonly referred to as the Ethereum platform of China. The platform is looking to create a smart ecosystem, through the use of smart contracts and decentralised applications.

More facts about NEO

  • Founded in 2014. Genesis date: October 17, 2016.
  • Circulating Supply: 65 million
  • Total Supply: 100 million
  • Current Market Cap: $2.31 billion USD
  • Key team Members: DA Hongfei- CEO & Founder

The Price

At the beginning of 2017, NEO started at $0.14 US dollars.

Today we’re at over $41 USD

That’s around a 29,500% return on your investment in the year!


NEO price chart Dec 14th

Source: Coin Market Cap

Why the hype?

While Ethereum is the powerhouse, blockchain platform of the West, NEO is seen as the leader of the smart contract platforms in the East.

Neo takes a slightly different approach, though. In theory it can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s 30. The differences don’t end there; Neo’s smart contracts and decentralised applications can be written in existing programming languages C+, Java and in future, Python and GO, where developers on Ethereum need to learn a new programming language called Solidity.

In any case, ‘Smart contracts’ has been the buzz word of the year. Marry this up with the biggest economy of the world, China and you have a one-way ticket on the hype train.

 NEO #toTheMoon

Fun fact

Neo, when it was known as Antshares, had (in our regretful opinion) branding issues and a not-so-serious looking website. Our team members noticed the cryptocurrency when it was in the cents but had no sense to invest in it at the time!


AntShares - the original NEO branding

Buy, Store & Spend NEO with Wirex

Did you know you can spend your NEO (and other altcoins) with the Wirex app?

Although Wirex does not yet have NEO Wallet Integration, you can still deposit NEO into your Bitcoin wallet (we’ve integrated with Shapeshift), making it ready to spend via your Wirex card.

It’s just a few taps away. If you’re new to Wirex, it’s free to sign up.

As always, we encourage the Wirex community to develop a strong understanding of projects before investing (don’t succumb to FOMO!). Let us know what you think about NEO in the community forum below.

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