Instant Online Money Transfer

To Anywhere In The World 🌎

Send money home or abroad — without waiting for a bank transfer or expensive money transfer service.

Step 1

Add Bitcoin, Dollars, Euro or Pounds to your free Wirex account. Easily transferred from your bank or dozens of online payment methods.

wallet btc usd gpb yen
Ƀ 40.475 506 $ 98,479 phone

Step 2

Enter the amount you want to send in bitcoin (think of it like digital cash credits).

Ƀ 0.5 $ 1480 phone

Step 3

Get the bitcoin address of the person you are transferring money to (they either have one already or they can get one free from Wirex).

Ƀ 0.5 $ 1480 To

Step 4

Click to confirm and away it goes — almost as easy as sending an email. The money arrives within an hour, usually within just 10 minutes!

done Payment has been sent Typically it takes about 10 minutes to complete transfer ✌ phone

Register for an online account or install the mobile app and transfer money today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for the Wirex card?

Virtual and plastic prepaid debit cards available in USD, GBP and EUR (more currencies being added) with instant loading from your Wirex BitGo-secured bitcoin wallet. Depending on your country, you can add funds by bitcoin deposit, bank transfer, PayPal, or using our digital currency exchange features inside the app. Use your Wirex payment card for in-store purchases, online shopping, and cash withdrawal at the ATM 🏧 — anywhere 🌎 Visa is accepted.

How long has Wirex been in business?

We began issuing cards in 2014. The Wirex Card is now used by customers in over 130 countries. The company is registered in the UK with offices in Tokyo and Ukraine and we are growing fast with new investment from SBI Bank in Japan. Our goal is to make bitcoin simple for everyone.

What if I don’t have bitcoin yet?

😃🎉🤑 You can buy bitcoins instantly online in your local currency or install the Wirex app and buy bitcoin with a variety of local payment options.

What is a ‘prepaid bitcoin debit card’?

The Wirex card is a reloadable Visa debit card. It works by adding money in local currency (such as USD or Euro) via various payment options, or by exchanging bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet. You can exchange between local currency or bitcoin at any time, giving you the convenience of a Visa debit card, and the added benefits of bitcoin.