Log In to your Wirex Account

Ensure you have a positive balance in your bitcoin wallet. If your account is new, you may transfer some bitcoins in your Wirex account. Alternatively, find out how to fund your account and buy bitcoins here!


Get the receiver’s Wirex bitcoin address

If the receiver already has a Wirex account, great! Simply instruct them to send you their bitcoin address. Wirex bitcoin addresses are generated once but can be used multiple times. For optimal security, it is a good idea to generate a new address per transaction.

If the receiver does not have a Wirex account, simply direct them to Wirex to open a free account. Tip: earn some bitcoins by sending them your referral link!

To get a bitcoin address, click on ‘Generate Address’ button in the app.


Tap on ‘Transfer’ button

In the main app page, tap on the ‘Transfer’ button. Next, enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to transfer. The page will also show you the amount in USD Dollar, British Pounds or Euro.

In the address slot, Copy+Paste the receiver’s bitcoin address or scan the bitcoin address QR code. Select the fee you wish to pay, and tap ‘Confirm’.


Confirm your transaction

Check your Wirex-linked email address. You will receive a confirmation email with a time-sensitive link. To proceed with the transaction, click on the link provided within the time limit.

If you did not click the confirmation link within the time limit, your bitcoins will not be sent. Simply re-do Step 3!


Money transfer completed

Once you clicked on the confirmation link from your email, your money transfer is completed! Money transfer between Wirex accounts will arrive instantly to the receiver.

The receiver can now use the bitcoins to make bitcoin payments, or convert it to US Dollar, British Pounds and/or Euro with the bitcoin debit card. The first virtual Visa card can be redeemed for free from the Wirex app and can be instantly used to make online payments. The receiver may also upgrade the virtual card into a plastic card OR order a plastic card for ATM withdrawals and make offline payments.