Cryptoback™ Rewards

Cryptoback™ rewards is the world’s first reward programme that pays out in cryptocurrency. A vital part of our mission to make currencies more equal and accessible, it allows everybody to get involved in crypto with no commitments or catches. Earn up to 2% back in WXT every time you use your Wirex card in-store or online!
How it works

How it works

Whether you’re grabbing a coffee, tapping in on public transport or shopping for bargains online, your multicurrency Wirex card will generate up to 2% back in WXT on every purchase. Your Cryptoback™ rewards are paid instantly into a special Rewards Account in the app. You’re free to exchange, spend or HODL as you see fit.

WXT is the key

WXT is our own native token, created to reward our loyal customers and help you get even more out of your Wirex account. It unlocks access to exclusive benefits, including supercharged Cryptoback™ rewards, up to 12% annual Savings Bonus and exclusive merchant offers. Check out our flexible pricing plans and discover what holding WXT can do for you

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