Up to 12% Savings Bonus!

Savings Bonus

Don’t make do with less. Depending on your Wirex price plan, you could earn up to 12% on the balance of your WXT account every year! Grow your crypto portfolio without lifting a finger, or unlock even more exclusive benefits with the Wirex Tokens you collect.
How it works

How it works

Customers who subscribe to the Premium and Elite price plans get instant access to Savings Bonuses. All you need is a positive WXT account balance, which is as easy as buying WXT or exchanging crypto and traditional currency in the app. Then, just sit back and watch the Wirex Tokens roll in: 4% (Premium) or 12% (Elite) annually.

WXT is the key

WXT is our own native token, created to reward our loyal customers and help you get even more out of your Wirex account. Not only is it available to buy, exchange and spend in the app, it also unlocks supercharged rewards.

Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards?
Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 2% back in WXT on in-store purchases

Online Cryptoback™ rewards?
Online Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 2% back in WXT on online purchases

Savings Bonuses?
Savings Bonuses

Up to 12% annual on the balance of your WXT account

Exclusive merchant offers?
Exclusive merchant offers

Deals and savings at your favourite shops, hotels and restaurants

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