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The Wirex Token (WXT) is the lifeblood of the Wirex platform. A unique, multi-blockchain cryptocurrency, it gives our customers the power to unlock exclusive crypto rewards – and access to a new generation of decentralised finance (DeFi) ecosystems. Buy, store and exchange it in the app now.

Giving you X-tra

WXT powers X-tras, the world’s most cutting-edge rewards programme. From Cryptoback™ rewards to our ground-breaking Savings Bonus feature, X-tras help you get the most out of Wirex. Plus, they pay out in WXT! Choose from three flexible price plans and unlock a veritable treasure chest of X-tras.

Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards?
Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 2% back in WXT on in-store purchases

Online Cryptoback™ rewards?
Online Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 2% back in WXT on online purchases

Savings Bonuses?
Savings Bonuses

Up to 12% on the balance of your WXT account annually

Exclusive merchant offers?
Exclusive merchant offers

Deals and savings at your favourite shops, hotels and restaurants

DeFi the status quo

DeFi the status quo

WXT isn’t just your ticket to supercharged rewards - it also opens the door to a world of decentralised finance (DeFi). In 2021, we migrated 80% of the total supply of WXT to the Ethereum blockchain, the most powerful network for DeFi applications. Splitting WXT between the Stellar Network and Ethereum blockchain enables increased power, efficiency and flexibility – and bridges the gap between payments and novel DeFi ecosystems.

WXT: the story so far
June 2019
The Wirex Token exclusive pre-sale sells out in just 15 minutes.
July 2019
The WXT Initial Exchange Offering introduces the Wirex Token to the world.
March 2021
We launch X-tras, our futuristic rewards programme that pays out in WXT.
June 2021
20% of WXT supply is migrated to the Ethereum blockchain, unlocking the world of DeFi for Wirex customers.
November 2021
Due to popular demand, another 60% of WXT supply is migrated to the Ethereum blockchain
February 2022
WXT is now supported on the Avalanche blockchain.
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