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Where can you shop with the Wirex Card?

October 20, 2016 2:36 pm Published by

The Wirex card is not an ordinary financial tool. Unlike traditional payment cards, you don’t have to travel to banks (you don’t even need a bank account!) and your money can be accessed anywhere in the world. Imagine travelling anywhere without making additional trips to currency exchanges or informing banks in advance!

After topping up your Wirex card – we have a wide range of top-up options, and also accept bitcoin and major altcoins – you can use it anywhere Visa (virtual & plastic) is accepted. With a wider range of acceptance worldwide at millions of locations, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Need a starting point to browse around? Here are some examples of online and offline merchants that accept your Wirex card.


Online merchants

Wirex cards for online use: Virtual USD Visa card, Virtual GBP Visa card, Virtual EUR Visa card, Plastic USD Visa, Plastic GBP Visa, Plastic EUR Visa.

Many online merchants that accept Visa will accept the Wirex card. You can travel (British Airways, OneTwoTrip, Airbnb), buy bargain gadgets and toys (AliExpress, GearBest, TinyDeal), buy books (BookDepository) and buy web hosting packages (GoDaddy). In selected countries, you can also use Wirex card in two of the world’s biggest online shopping platforms, eBay and Amazon.

Here’s how to get Wirex virtual and plastic card. Wirex users with no cards can claim a free virtual card worth $3 from the app – here’s a step-by-step tutorial.


Offline merchants

Wirex cards for offline use are in USD, GBP, and EUR.

Most offline shops that accept PIN-and-chip cards will accept the Wirex card. All you have to do is give it to the cashier, insert your 4-digit PIN (not your ATM PIN) and enjoy your new purchase. You’ll get a notification in Wirex app about the transaction almost immediately.

For security purposes, please keep the PIN a secret – no one will be able to use the plastic card without this information. If you forgot your PIN, you can request it straight from Wirex app. It will be delivered to your Wirex-linked email address. For additional security, please add 2-factor authentication to both Wirex app and Wirex-linked email. For iOS users, you can activate Touch ID for Wirex app, which only provides access to approved fingerprints.

Plastic Wirex cards can be used at:

  • Grocery stores (Tesco, Walmart, Costco, Lidl)
  • Petrol stations (all)
  • Fast food joints (KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s)
  • Convenience stores (7-Eleven)
  • Clothes and accessories stores (Tiffany & Co, Uniqlo)
  • Home and furniture stores (Home Depot, IKEA)
  • Coffee shops (Starbucks)
  • And more!

Here’s how to get a Wirex plastic card.


Where else to use Wirex card?

The very short lists above are not comprehensive – there are more online and offline merchants that accept the Wirex card. As a general rule, you’ll have no problem with offline shops, while some online shops might require additional information (such as your country). The best way is to ask the respective websites directly. Don’t worry, failed transactions will not cost you any additional fees. Information about Wirex fees can be accessed here

Current Wirex card users – what do you use your card for? Please share your favourite online shops by tagging us at @wirexapp or #wirexapp. Who said retail therapy can’t be fun?!


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