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A shoutout to the women making waves in crypto

March 8, 2018 11:55 am Published by

At the last count, 49% of the world’s population, was made up of women; but recent figures show that only between 5% – 7% are cryptocurrency users; however, with its roots firmly cemented in the worlds of technology, and finance – perhaps it’s really not that surprising.

Nevertheless, there’s a definite core of girl power coming to the fore, so, to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March, here are a few women creating more than just a Ripple in the world of crypto – prepare to be inspired.

Bettina Warburg

Based in San Francisco, Bettina Warburg, is a blockchain expert and co-founder of Animal Ventures. Launched in 2016, Animal Ventures, sets out to educate, inspire, and utilise blockchain technology throughout business.

Educated in the US, and at the University of Oxford, Warburg, speaks five languages and is a passionate believer in democracy for all, including educational, and economic equality.

Warburg, demonstrates true clarity of vision when it comes to using blockchain technology to streamline and democratise politics and government infrastructure. In 2016, Warburg, became one of the first speakers to discuss blockchain technology in front of a global audience for TED.

Dr Jemma Green

Founder of Power Ledger, Dr Green, is shaking up the energy market as we know it. Living up to her name, Green, is passionate about creating a sustainable, environmentally friendly, democratic energy market.

Using blockchain technology, Power Ledger gives neighbourhoods the ability to buy and sell solar power on a local level. It’s a powerful vision and one that will mean communities are able to shape and control their own energy use and tariffs, rather than being slaves to utilities corporations.

Launched in 2016, Power Ledger, has already shown itself as a pioneer in renewables with energy blockchain networks already set up in Australia and New Zealand.

With a string of qualifications in sustainability and insight into business risk, Green has successfully applied blockchain technology to influence and impact lives for the better.

Tricia Martinez

CEO and founder of Wala, Martinez is a philanthropic visionary bringing economic stability to communities that have traditionally been overlooked by financial organisations.

Wala is a financial platform that takes away the need for traditional banks. Using blockchain technology, Wala provides financial security to communities in emerging markets, as well as incentivising and educating them in savings and investments. Martinez, is keen to make it clear that Wala isn’t a bank – it’s about finding solutions to problems and providing economic equality.

As a behavioural economist, Martinez, is keen to explore the human side of finance and how behaviour can be influenced with an aim towards financial prosperity. To date, the Wala community has more than one million customers spread across more than 100 developing markets.

Toni Lane Casserly

CEO and co-founder of CoinTelegraph, Casserly is in the business of educating and inspiring the world when it comes to all things crypto. Whether it’s the currencies themselves, the application of blockchain or discussing technology in finance, CoinTelegraph is the biggest media platform for crypto and the place to go for news, analysis, and discussion.

Keen to initiate conversation and debate, Casserly, has many strings to her bow, including being a consultant and advisor on several cryptocurrency platforms. But at heart, Casserly, is a philanthropist and co-founded the Kids Compassion Charity – helping child survivors of the Ebola crisis.

Casserly is driven by a humanitarian spirit and a desire to create global equality. Using decentralised technologies such as blockchain, Casserly wants to redefine the way we think about politics and wealth.

To the future and beyond

It’s clear from just these handful of profiles that these women want to use cryptocurrency and tech for the better – to share wealth and create equality. Is that a ‘female’ thing to want to do, or is it actually just about being a good person and wanting to create a future that we can all be a part of?


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