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Spectiv ICO: crypto investment opportunity in Virtual Reality

August 10, 2017 5:27 pm Published by

Here comes the YouTube of Virtual Reality…

What is Spectiv?

Spectiv is “a dedicated virtual reality streaming platform utilizing blockchain integrated attention markets to support a network for virtual reality adoption.”

Ermm… ‘blockchain integrated attention markets”… what does that mean?

More on that later…

When is Spectiv’s ICO?

Really soon! Monday 14th August 2017 according to the whitepaper.

Why Spectiv?

Think of it like this. YouTube is now the largest search engine. That’s right, more searches are done on YouTube than on Google. But what’s beyond normal video? That’s right, Virtual Reality. And the potential for VR is epic!

Facebook’s Oculus project and Google’s Daydream project are already progressing full steam ahead.

And of course, YouTube will include VR into their platform sooner or later. They’ll have to in order to survive.

What about subscription services like NetFlix?


So imagine a platform that may combine crowd imported video (like a YouTube) and subscription-based Virtual Reality video series (like a NetFlix), and you have Spectiv.

Oh… and Live Events too…

Sports events. Music festivals. Space flights. Nature documentaries.

Just take a moment to imagine some of the ways that Virtual Reality can and probably WILL be used for education and entertainment in the coming decades.

Spectiv Investment Potential

Well let’s take a look at the whitepaper shall we…

…And if you’re not familiar with the term whitepaper, think of it like a ‘technical report about new innovation’.

ICO whitepapers typically include a description of how they’ll monetise their product, a timeline for when they’ll launch, and a description of their token sale.

Tokens of an ICO are like shares with a typical stockmarket IPO.

So let’s dive into Spectiv’s whitepaper:

“VR industry projected to grow from $1B in 2016 to $30B + by 2020, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world”.

Sounds good, right? However: No reference provided…

Spectiv’s mission: “to create truly immersive shared experiences with the power of VR”.

Awesome. What I like is the blend of user-generated content (like YouTube) and the subscription based events.

That seems an ideal mix to help build the platform popularity will monetising with high-quality content from partners.

Plus: spectiv users will be able to monetise their own content by selling it or getting ad share revenue. Nice touch.

So where does blockchain come in?

Because there really is no point and no value in launching an ICO without direct and explicit relevance and use of blockchain technology.

Spectiv’s approach to blockchain includes advertising fees and payouts using their ‘specs’ tokens.

Sound good to you? Sounds good to me…

Spectiv also has an impressive concept for increasing social shares by monetising with ‘Signal Tokens’.

What will Spectiv do with the ICO funds they raise?

It’s soooo crucial for a successful ICO for the management team to know how to best use the funds in order to build a commercially viable enterprise.

Spectiv’s timeline includes hiring additional developers, subsidizing content creators, optimizing the platform, marketing, seeding the ad rewards program, and much more.

Spectiv ICO Summary

If you read this in time for the ICO happening 14th August, there are a few bonus levels where you’ll get extra tokens, the sooner you invest; up to 40% extra tokens.

To participate in the Spectiv ICO you’ll need a myetherwallet wallet loaded with ether.

If you’ve never invested in an ICO before, don’t expect this to be an easy breezy learning curve. It takes a while to go through the motions of setting up your account.

Remember, this is the early stages of the cryptocurrency industry and things still feel ‘techy’ rather than easy user interfaces.

So roll up your sleeves and get to work. Concentrate. Go slowly. Read all instructions super carefully. Watch some YouTube videos (soon there’ll be VR spectiv video experiences to guide others on how to set up myetherwallets 🙂 ).

Visit Spectiv and be sure to read the whitepaper if you’re interested in the ICO. Or just sit back and watch others invest to help build the next generation video platform which you’ll be able to enjoy in the years ahead. There’s an early demo at http://spectivvr.tv/demo/.

Remember: Do you own due diligence. Any investment decision is your own. This content is produced for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice.

There is a lot of information out there and it can be a little overwhelming when you don’t know where to look. Here are a couple of questions to help you get kickstarted on your research:

  • Who is working on this project? Get creative with your research (and stalking skills)
  • Google/Facebook/Linked search the supposed founders
  • Who.is is a good place to start if you can’t find this information
  • Check out the community forums (bitcointalk, Reddit) to see if there is anything happening in that space
  • Ask questions and get involved
  • See how the community responds (as well as the Spectiv team)
  • Think about the proposed application
  • Could you see yourself using this service?
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