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Stay in control of your money and stick to a budget with Wirex

April 20, 2018 11:18 am Published by

There are lots of benefits of using Wirex to manage your money. It’s fast, simple, free and secure. But there are a few other advantages and benefits that will help you manage your money in a way that works for you.

Lost or stolen payment card? Cancel it in seconds

We’ve all been there. Losing your bank card can be extremely stressful and it happens to everyone. Maybe someone snatched it out of your pocket in a crowd. Maybe you left it in a card machine. Maybe you dropped it when you were running for the bus. Maybe it’s at the bottom of your bag where you’ll find it later.

Whatever the reason, your card is gone and it’s only natural to panic. So you call up your bank to cancel it and probably get left on hold, listening to pan pipes, for what feels like hours. When you finally get through, you have to answer a ton of security questions. It’s pretty hard to remember your grandmother’s maiden name or your ‘memorable word’ when you probably set the answers years ago. All the while, you’re envisioning someone draining your account.

With Wirex, all of that hassle is gone. The moment you realise it’s gone, you can pull out your phone, open the app and cancel your card with a few taps. Before anyone has a chance to steal your money.

Never lose access to your Money

The worst part of losing your bank card isn’t even cancelling it. It’s getting a new one. You have to wait several days to get a new card in the mail. In some cases (e.g. if you live in a rural area), you may need to wait weeks.

Until your new card arrives, you’re left without access to your money. Wirex, on the other hand, lets you connect up to six payment cards to your account. If you lose your plastic card and need to cancel it, you can still use your virtual card.

Keep track of your spending or follow a budget

As they say, what gets measured gets managed. Wirex is perfect for those times when you want to get a sense of how much you’re spending or stick to a budget.

Load up your card with the amount you want to spend. Then keep track of how often you need to top it up. No more nasty surprises when you look at your bank balance after getting home from a night out or a holiday.

If Wirex fits the bill for you, sign up today and join the future of finance.

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