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The Bitcoin Lifestyle

July 12, 2017 2:38 pm Published by


Millions of people worldwide love bitcoin, the best performing currency in 2015 and 2016. You may have spotted a ‘Bitcoin Accepted Here’ sign in cafe’s, bars and restaurants — or even in small towns!


Wirex users spend their bitcoin with our app and payment cards at:

  • Tiffanny & Co.
  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Betfair

…plus HUNDREDS of other outlets for:

Hotels, Flights, Electronics, Health and Wellness, Car Rental, Fashion, Betting, Jewellery and the list goes on. For example:

Brazilians spend their bitcoin using the Wirex app and cards at places like…

  • – e-shopping
  • – sports betting
  • – flights
  • – electronics

…while Japanese spend their bitcoin using Wirex app and cards at:

  • – household shopping
  • – fashion
  • – furniture
  • Seven-Eleven – convenience stores


Bitcoin Adoption Is Growing Fast!

Traditional currencies are quickly losing their purchasing power compared to bitcoin:


A new digital cash economy is forming, based around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ether, litecoin and dash) — better for all.

Join the Wirex community to get bitcoin-savvy today and enjoy bitcoin-powered services like these:

  • Mobile banking
  • Money transfers
  • Payment cards
  • Secure bitcoin wallets
  • And so much more…

…all secured by cutting-edge blockchain technology: for almost-instant, low-cost transactions — without the hassles of traditional banking.


Bitcoin Investment & Lifestyle Opportunity?

As bitcoin becomes a major global store-of-value (Gold 2.0?) fast-movers discover life-changing investment and savings opportunities. Wirex membership gives you more.

cardMore lifestyle choices, more financial security, and more spending power!

Accounts are currently FREE and your first virtual payment card is FREE too!

Buy bitcoin from your app, store bitcoin in your Wirex mobile wallet, and use your Wirex virtual or plastic cards to shop online, in stores, or simply withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere!


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