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Discover the way we develop an innovative fintech product to bridge the gap between the traditional money and cryptocurrencies
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Who we are

Our Kyiv-based top-notch team strongly holds leadership in the FinTech community implementing innovative technologies in the payment landscape.


We’ve got outstanding experience in building FinTech solutions and have a proven track record in blockchain services development. With the help of more than 180 professionals, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and stay at the cutting edge of the FinTech world.


Our mission is to give everyone the power to use one single global platform for traditional financial and digital assets from anywhere in the world.

Our mission is to empower people to enjoy the advantages of a world where all currencies are equal.

What we do

Since 2015 we are developing and growing Wirex – a licensed and regulated digital payment platform that has forged new rules in the blockchain payments space. Our resident team of geniuses creates disruptive innovative products for B2C and B2B clients combining the benefits of blockchain-powered payments with conventional banking infrastructure.


With over three million customers across 130 countries, we offer secure accounts that allow customers to easily store, buy, and exchange multiple traditional and cryptocurrencies instantly at the best live rates on one mobile app.

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FinTech software development and building Cloud infrastructure for running apps and databases. Blockchain adoption, usage of crypto, and implementing DLT in finance

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Maintenance of high load integrations with trading markets, identification providers, etc. and operate with it in the Cloud

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Increasing organizational efficiency by the digitalization of business processes and usage of an omnichannel and mobile-first approach in enterprise processes

We’re a team of professionals who creates groundbreaking payment solutions in line with the continually evolving market. That is how we enable people to use one global platform for traditional financial and digital assets from anywhere in the world.

Our Technology Stack

Microservice architecture?
Microservice architecture

Microservice architecture in Azure Kubernetes and Fabric, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Actor model, database per microservice (bounded context). Over 400 microservices operating worldwide on distributed infrastructure


Cloud-native & cloud-agnostic platform implementation, scalable, reliable, unified technology stack services

UI and UX Design?
UI and UX Design

Efficient app UI and UX Design that increase the growth of our customers

Real-time monitoring?
Real-time monitoring

We set-up real-time monitoring, and near real-time reports


More than 50 integrations with banks, blockchains, KYC providers, digital exchanges, etc


Highly efficient development processes and fast feature delivery. Everything runs on digital business processes

Together we can do more!

Our goal is to develop the FinTech community in Ukraine and over the world. We are open for cooperation and new ideas.

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We are constantly looking for passionate people who keen on FinTech

If you want to be a part of a team of professionals and eager to build groundbreaking tech products join us! Don’t miss this opportunity to change the payment landscape together.