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Product Updates – 26th March 2018

Virtual Cards Update

As of today, March 26th, all German, French and Italian users and verified Spanish community members (both in-app+website) will have the ability to order virtual cards. Awesome.

By tomorrow, March 27th, all account holders in Spain should have the ability to order virtual cards.

By Mar 29th, verified users from the rest of the EEA* (European Economic Area) that sit at the top of the waiting list will have access to virtual cards.

A day later on March 30, those remaining on the list of verified users from the rest of the EEA* (in-app and website) will be able to order virtual cards.

And finally, we currently project that on April 3rd, all users from the rest of the EEA* will be able to get on the virtual cards train.

The rest of the EEA* includes the following countries:
Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark, Ireland, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Malta, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Iceland.

As always, if you have any questions, get in touch on our social channels, on our newly opened channel on Discord, on our community board here…wherever is easiest or best for you.