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How to Upgrade For New Currency Account and Cards

March 9, 2018 9:40 am Published by

If you have received your upgrade notice for the NEW Wirex Account, with currency accounts and virtual debit cards, here’s how to upgrade… 

We’re proud to introduce the most advanced crypto-friendly personal finance platform in operation worldwide. 

We have many thousands of cryptocurrency users on the waiting list for accounts and cards, and phased delivery will ensure a stable and secure service globally.

Three steps for your upgrade

For Wirex mobile app users:

If you haven’t already verified your account, you’ll need to do that first. 

  • Step 1: Make sure you have the latest app. Check inside the app store to be sure for any update option.
  • Step 2: Visit the Order Card screen.
  • Step 3: Proceed to order a virtual card.

Your new current account and virtual card will be instantly created. The current account is only available in GBP but you also have the option to order cards for EUR and USD.

Here are some highlights from the first lucky UK customers to receive their account upgrade inside the Wirex office on March 8th.

For Desktop account users:

If you haven’t already verified your account, you’ll need to do that first.

  • Step 1: Visit our new Website and login.
  • Step 2: Visit the Order Card page.
  • Step 3: Proceed to order a GBP virtual card.

And there you have it – your new GBP current account and virtual card will be instantly created.

Your shiny plastic cards are currently being manufactured and these should be with us all in the coming weeks. As a wise man once surely said, beautiful contactless things come to those who wait.

If you’re not on the waiting list yet…

Users outside of the UK can still sign up for the waiting list which means you’ll be the first to hear about rollout in Europe and beyond. You can join the list by signing up below.

Yes! Let me know the moment Currency Accounts are available

Need more information about the new accounts and cards? You can find it on our brand new Wirex homepage.

For more details on the waiting list, check out our helpful article here.

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