Up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards!

Unlock next-gen rewards

Wirex customers deserve the world’s most cutting-edge rewards program. Choose from three versatile pricing plans and unlock a treasure chest of futuristic rewards, including instant Cryptoback™ rewards and the chance to earn free X-Points just for introducing us to your friends and family!

X-Points are the key

X-Points were created to reward our loyal customers and help you get even more out of your Wirex account. Using your Wirex card in stores or online generates X-Points, as does referring friends and family – these rewards can be instantly exchanged to US dollars or cryptocurrency to spend or HODL as you like.

Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards?
Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 8% back in X-Points on in-store purchases

Online Cryptoback™ rewards?
Online Cryptoback™ rewards

Up to 8% back in X-Points on online purchases


Earn X-Points every time you spread the word about Wirex!

Top OTC Rates?
Top OTC Rates

Access the same over-the-counter rates normally reserved for high rollers and institutions.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing

Our pricing plans give anyone the opportunity to benefit from using Wirex, regardless of their financial worth. And because Cryptoback™ and Refer-a-Friend rewards pay out in X-Points, you get closer to the next tier every time you use your Wirex card or get your contacts to join us!

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