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Valentine gift ideas for your Bitcoin lover

February 7, 2018 12:00 pm Published by

Has Bitcoin interfered a little with your love life because they never stop talking about Bitcoin? As Bitcoin appreciators, we don’t think it is going anywhere. Perhaps it’s time to embrace it with a present to show that you support the cause.

Here are 7 ideas for cryptocurrency related gifts perfect for Valentines or that upcoming birthday, anniversary or holiday.


The simplest gift idea is to just buy them whatever fraction of a Bitcoin you can afford to grow or kick off their portfolio. You can then either transfer it to them or help them to set up a wallet if they don’t already have one. It’s free to send between Wirex users (avoid the blockchain fee).

If they don’t have a Wirex account, it’s free to sign up. Don’t forget to share your affiliate link with them (so you can earn a small reward :)).

Paper wallets

Another way to give Bitcoin as a present is by using a paper wallet which usually contains the public and private keys for a certain amount, plus a QR code.

Physical coins

Pretty much every news article about cryptocurrencies includes a picture of a few glowing physical Bitcoins.

Physical Bitcoins are generally metal coins with the public address and private key for a certain amount of Bitcoin stored inside them. While they can, in theory, be used for face to face transactions, they’re more popular as collectibles. As always, be sure to research what you’re buying. Some physical cryptocurrencies are designed as a representation of the coins and do not contain any currency.


It should come as no surprise that one of the first uses of the Ethereum network involves cute kittens. CryptoKitties is a game that operates much like a cryptocurrency. Users can buy, sell and breed unique virtual cats using Blockchain technology. Each kitten has its own DNA and passes features onto its children. A quirky digital cat makes for a light-hearted gift – and some CryptoKitties have sold for over $100,000.

Spare phones for 2fa

A less exciting, although undeniably useful gift could be a spare phone and SIM for 2-factor authentication. Using a different phone for 2fa is an ideal way to add an extra layer of security.

Bitcoin jewellery

Back in 2013, Wired reported that one Bitcoin entrepreneur had his private key engraved on a ring (aside from one digit he kept in his head.) When hackers targeted his account, they couldn’t touch the Bitcoins stored on the ring.

Keeping your account details in a physical form might sound counterintuitive, but it is actually very safe. An engraved key is fire and water-proof, harder to lose than a piece of paper, and safe from hackers. There are now numerous companies offering to engrave cryptocurrency details – the perfect gift for a security conscious crypto enthusiast. Just be sure to go with a reputable company with good security measures.


If you’re looking to explain how Bitcoin works, there a number of books by experts that aim to explain Blockchain technology in an accessible manner. Some popular options include:

  • Mastering Bitcoin – Andreas Antonopoulos
  • The Age of Cryptocurrency– Paul Vigna & Michel J. Casey
  • Digital Gold – Nathaniel Popper
  • Blockchain Basics – Daniel Drescher
  • Blockchain: Blueprint For A New Economy – Melanie Swan
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