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How to Verify Your Wirex Account

April 25, 2016 6:50 am Published by

This tutorial explains the process to verify your Wirex account. With account verification, you can have higher limits for funds loading and withdrawal. To see the full list of card limits, click here. You will also be able to buy bitcoin with bank transfer, PayPal and online payment methods after verification. To see the step-by-step guide to buy bitcoin with bank transfer, click here.

What you need

  • Wirex account (click here to open an account)
  • Wirex virtual or plastic card (click here on how to get a card, and redeem you first card for free from these links: Android | iOS)
  • Document 1 – high-quality image of valid government-issued ID (choose one: international passport, double page; national ID card, both sides; driver’s license, both sides; military identity card; or any other government-issued photo identity cards)
  • Document 2 – high-quality image of proof of residency issued no earlier than 3 months before (choose one: water bill, Internet bill, credit card bill, telephone bill or any utility bill not more than 3 month old; bank statement; tax return or council tax; passport address proof / certificate of residency issued by a government or a local government authority)

Important: Document 1 and Document 2 must have the same address and issued in English, or have attached translation to them.


Verify Wirex account via Wirex App

Open the Wirex app from your smartphone and navigate to Settings > Account > Profile

Upload your documents.

Verification is performed by the bank and usually take about a week (delays are possible). Once documents are verified or rejected, you will receive an email notification.

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