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Wirex for Europe – when can you expect your accounts?

March 19, 2018 4:21 pm Published by

Wirex gives you financial freedom, flexibility and total control over your money. Low or no fees. Fast deposits and transfers. Here’s what’s different for UK and EU residents.

UK residents

If you’re a UK resident, you can open a GBP current account with a free virtual payment card – right now. This is a ‘real’ bank account with a sort code and account number, all fully registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Receive deposits straight into your account, using the sort code and account number. Get paid, receive transfers from friends and family, or move money from other accounts with ease.

Spending money from your account is simple. Just order a plastic payment card and start using it online or in person as per normal. It’s not a prepaid card and you won’t be charged any fees for transactions in GBP. It’s as effortless as using your regular bank card.

For example, get your salary paid into your account then spend it with your payment card. No need to load the card as the money comes straight from your bank account.

EU residents

In the next few weeks, Wirex will be rolling out current accounts for European residents. Watch this space for more details.

If you live in other European countries, you can fund your account via SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfer.

Wirex payment cards are available in EUR and USD (in addition to GBP.)

Next stop, the world

For the first few weeks, current accounts will only be available to UK residents. But we plan on making it accessible to as many people around the world as possible. Multi-currency accounts will be available soon.

At Wirex, we believe that global financial equality is an important goal. Everyone deserves access to a secure, affordable way of managing their money. Everyone deserves to know they and their family will be okay during a financial crisis. No one should be held back in life because they can’t afford a bank account, or live in a remote area, or in an unstable country. By becoming an early adopter of the first crypto bank account, you’ll be helping us to build a better financial future for everyone.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be working to add new features. Be sure to send in your feedback so we know how Wirex is working for you and how we can improve. Sending us your feedback will give you early access to new features in the future.

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