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Wirex in November

December 6, 2018 10:03 am Published by

As we steam towards the end of the year, there’s been no sign of winding down here at Wirex HQ – November has proved to be yet another busy month. Each week has been packed with launches, announcements and new partnerships, which means 2019 is going to be another exciting year for Wirex customers!

Here are our November highlights…

Wirex, meet Pigzbe

Wirex-owning parents, this one’s for you! We announced our partnership with blockchain-built pocket money app, Pigzbe. Pigzbe’s Wollo ICO (WLO – their native token) reached its hard cap of $8.85 million at the end of October 2018, giving them the green light to launch their product. Their offering comprises a hand-held device that acts like a very smart digital piggy bank, and comes with an app that both adults and their children use. Our partnership with Pigzbe will see an integration of Wirex payment card tech with Pigzbe, and WLO being made available to Wirex account holders.

IBAN launches across Europe

Wirex accounts are now even better for EEA users. Following the success of our pilot in Spain, France, Italy and Germany, we’ve rolled out IBAN functionality to all EUR accounts. This means that our users can now fund their EUR account by bank transfer, receive payments from friends and family and even have their salary paid into their Wirex account.

Wirex scores a crypto-conversion at the rugby

On the weekend of Guy Fawkes, you may have spotted the Wirex brand at Anfield, when England played New Zealand in the Rugby League. In our first ever TV appearance, we introduced Wirex to rugby viewers across the country, spreading the word about crypto payments on the digital banners. At the Wales vs Tonga Rugby Union Autumn Internationals match a few weeks later we were represented again on the BBC match coverage, bringing our brand to the sporting masses! Keep your eyes out for more Wirex appearances in 2019.

Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore Fintech Festival, one of the country’s premier tech events, returned this November. With the Wirex APAC office recently launching, it was a natural step for the team to host their own booth at the event. The aim of the festival is to bring the industry’s best and brightest to share ideas and discuss future innovation. Each event featured a range of keynote speakers – leaders from international financial institutions, banks and regulators showcasing new products, tech and projects.

Coming soon…

Wirex Business

We’re branching out! Business customers will soon be able to open a dedicated Wirex business account – sign up here for more information.

Wallets galore

We have some brand-new tokens coming to the app. They’re on their way for 2019, and we’ll keep you updated as they launch.

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