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Wirex To Support Bitcoin Cash

October 18, 2017 10:34 am Published by

Bitcoin Cash is a new digital asset as a result of the hard fork from the Bitcoin network on August 1st 2017. The Bitcoin cash protocol includes technical and consensus changes from Bitcoin itself.

We understand our customers have been waiting patiently for our position on the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Our top priority is the security of our customers’ funds, so we needed to ensure we could support this safely and securely on our network before saying anything. Our development team has invested significant time in understanding these technical implications. We’re glad to be given the green light in the development of the bitcoin cash wallet.

What does this mean for Wirex customers?

If you had bitcoin in your Wirex wallet on August 1 during the bitcoin cash fork, you will receive the equivalent amount of bitcoin cash. It’ll automatically be credited into our Bitcoin Cash integrated wallet, once it becomes available.

When is the Bitcoin Cash wallet coming?

This will be scheduled following the Dash wallet integration announced in September. The first priority for the Dev team is completing the integration of our new global contactless payment cards.

For updates on our progress for these new wallets, enter your email below.

Notable Replies

  • raphael.shalaby

    And potentially more… :slight_smile:

  • GustavoTovar

    Even Bitcoin2X, if they ever release it :sweat_smile:

  • raphael.shalaby

    Well we will have to wait and see; still I’m happy with a Dash wallet coming, and then Bitcoin Cash.

  • Bert

    Me too ! :slight_smile: Adding a Dash wallet will be a dealmaker for a lot of people !

  • raphael.shalaby

    We wanna get instant send and private send implemented. I might be doing a Dash Force News Podcast soon!

  • raphael.shalaby

    The Bitcoin Cash community loves us!

  • raphael.shalaby

    This wallet will be coming out after the Dash one!

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