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Write for Wirex and get paid in Bitcoin

November 20, 2017 3:55 pm Published by

By now, you already know what we’re about.

We’re the first company to combine the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency — all in one account. Yep, that’s secure bitcoin wallets linked to Visa debit cards, supported by online and mobile applications.

We believe that it’s time to change the outdated, expensive and often frustrating financial infrastructure. But we can’t do it alone.

We’ll need your help to create content which will educate, entertain and help build the foundation of the new financial industry.

Why write for us

It’s a win-win.

We get great content and you get to strengthen your portfolio. Your articles will be showcased in front of a community of crypto enthusiasts, investors and the fin-tech crowd.

Oh, and we’ll also throw in $30 USD worth of bitcoin for every one of your blogs that we publish.

What we write about

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is new and exciting.

Our blog is a fun balance of interesting stories, news, and highly resourceful tips for all crypto enthusiasts, whether you’re a newbie, a trader or a techie.

If you have any crypto-related stories or just love to write about what’s happening in the scene, we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve done your homework with due diligence and want to share your take, pass it over and we’ll share it with the masses 🙂

General guidelines


A captivating start, a well-structured body, and a smooth finish.


Usually, between 400 and 800 words are enough to keep our readers awake and informed.


Don’t be so serious. We like to keep it fun, upbeat and captivating for our readers.

That’s basically it. Ready to start?

Get in touch. Send a friendly note to with:

  1. A short snippet explaining why you’re interested in crypto (100 words or less)
  2. Your blog submission or a sample of what you’d like to write about
  3. Include any content you’ve already published (e.g. articles on Steemit, Medium etc.)

Our content team will review your submissions and will get in touch with more specific details about how to get featured on our blog.

Any questions? Head down to the comments section below!

Notable Replies

  • GustavoTovar

    Can I do it? :heart_eyes:

  • raphael.shalaby

    Why not ?
    Speak to Kat :wink:

  • Bert

    Nice ! What a great way to integrate your members !

  • lan3jur

    Hey! Who’s Kat? :smiley:

  • raphael.shalaby

    She’s our content manager; you can find her at:

    cc me with your submission!

  • lan3jur

    I will need some time to think about it. If I decide to write, I want it to be above average quality and be able to keep that standard

  • raphael.shalaby

    You’re clearly knowledgeable; I will look out for your contributions :wink:

  • lan3jur does not exist?

  • Daniel_Keen

    Hey, it should work now, seems to be for me :slight_smile:

  • jankeman

    Mate, I would like to write for your blog, who should I contact?

  • Mike

    Are you guys still hiring?

  • raphael.shalaby

    We are def looking at getting more content creators on board!

  • SirLancelot

    Hi all, I am a new member to Wirex and would like to know how long is the review process for the writer application. I sent in my application to write crypto articles sometime ago but haven’t heard anything as yet.

    So how long does the writer application review process takes?

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