Recent Service Issues, and What We’re Doing to Fix Them

Region: Europe
Mar 11, 2021, 9:00:00 AM Published By Wirex Team

As our loyal customers, you’re at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we listen when you have something to say. Recently, it’s become clear that some of you have been experiencing customer service problems using Wirex. That’s simply not good enough. We think you’re owed an explanation of what’s been going on and what we’re doing to resolve these temporary issues.

Account issues

Over the past few months, some customers have reported problems like difficulty accessing account features or trouble making transactions in the Wirex app. Many people experiencing these issues have then had to wait longer than usual to speak to us and resolve them.

This is a direct result of the increased interest in cryptocurrencies since the sustained market rally that took place at the start of the year. Many thousands of new users came to Wirex, and many existing Wirexers were required to update their documents for us to continue serving them. This did, unfortunately, lead to a backlog.

Both the surge in new users and additional verification requirements means that we’ve struggled to keep up sometimes – and haven’t done enough to help you solve these problems when they arise.

What we are doing about it

  1. Hiring more staff – from Customer Support to our tireless Compliance and Legal teams, we’re bringing more of the best and brightest minds on board to help us keep up with the demand for our services. Many hands make light work, and our new employees will play a huge role in both preventing problems and helping to resolve them promptly.
  2. Real-time support – our Live Chat feature allows you to get in touch with a member of our hardworking Customer Support team 24/7, wherever you are. The service is still currently undergoing beta testing in the UK but is due to be rolled out across the EEA very soon.
  3. Procedure overhaul – we’re fundamentally changing the way customer issues are escalated and processed internally to ensure you get the help you need, quickly and efficiently.  We are also contributing significant extra resources to clear the backlog of Customer Support tickets as a company-wide priority.

Faster Payments & SEPA

Last year, we became the first crypto-friendly company to achieve Principal membership of both Visa and Mastercard – a huge step that has allowed to start issuing payment cards under our own licence. As a result of this, we are able to bring you truly game-changing features and services that no one else can, like up to 2% instant crypto rewards on all spending in-store and online, 100% fee-free traditional currency exchange and the ability to seamlessly spend 18 crypto and traditional currencies with one payment card – just to name a few.

As with the new Wirex card, bringing things in-house allows us to offer you better value than almost any other payment platform or bank – but it does involve the occasional growing pain. As a result, we’ve had to temporarily restrict Faster Payments and SEPA functionality in the Wirex app. Please rest assured that getting these features back up-and-running is our top priority.

What we are doing about it

We understand that not having access to services like Faster Payments and SEPA is hugely inconvenient for customers throughout the EEA, which is why we’ve taken the following steps:

  1. Removing fees - we’re waiving all fees when you use a local credit or debit card to add funds to your account.
  2. Increasing limits - we’ve also boosted our limits for verified credit and debit card top-ups, giving you extra flexibility and convenience when funding your Wirex account. If you haven’t verified your linked credit or debit card, do it now - it only takes a few minutes and unlocks some of the highest top-up limits in the industry.

The technology and services that power Wirex are already about 99% in-house. We’re working hard to bring the rest of the platform under our remit and are extremely grateful for your patience while we do so. We guarantee it’ll be worth the wait – think faster, cheaper, more convenient payments and a better Wirex for everyone.

We are genuinely sorry if your Wirex experience has not met expectations recently, whether that’s through poor communication, unresolved issues or temporary restrictions. We cannot achieve a world in which all currencies are equal and available to everyone without you, which is the problems outlined above are completely unacceptable.

We do listen – so please feel free to join the discussion and give your suggestions or comments on our Community Forum.