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2021: The Year of Crypto?

Read Wirex and the Stellar Development Foundation's latest research report about crypto adoption, attitudes and spending habits.
Dec 21, 2020Wirex Team

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Crypto Corner: Week Summary 22 Feb 2021
The Head of Trading at Wirex looks back at the crypto markets from the past week and analysis Bitcoin's sharp fall after reaching a new all time high.
Feb 26, 2021Yves Renno
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Top 5 Expat Hacks for Moving to the UK from Hong Kong
Top 5 tips and tricks for expats moving from Hong Kong to the UK and what to expect when it comes to finance, housing and transport.
Feb 24, 2021Wirex Team
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Why are Stablecoins Safer than Traditional Payment Methods?
Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility, but stablecoins offer a solution to price fluctuations while retaining the security and safety of crypto.
Feb 25, 2021Dom Simon
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Crypto Corner: Week Summary 15 Feb 2021
Yves Renno, Head of Trading at Wirex, looks over this weeks crypto markets and the ongoing effects of Tesla investing in Bitcoin.
Feb 19, 2016Yves Renno
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A New Generation of Crypto Enthusiasts
Research shows that Bitcoin isn't just for younger generations, older age groups are beginning to invest in cryptocurrency and recognise the benefits.
Feb 18, 2021Sophie Morris
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Partnering with Zero Hash for US Launch
Today, Wirex partnered with Zero Hash to support Wirex's upcoming US launch in April, allowing us to give over 300 million Americans instant access to crypto Who are Zero Hash? Zero Hash are a crypto trading infrastructure platform owned by Seed CX.
Feb 18, 2021Wirex Team


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Women in Crypto 2020

Are Women Crypto Holders Catching Up?

For Wirex's 'Women in Crypto' takeover, Izzy Wozencroft, CRM Executive at Wirex, discusses new research that Wirex carried out into women's crypto attitudes
Oct 26, 2020Wirex Team
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