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As we’ve communicated before, Contis will close all Wirex Visa card accounts on 16.03.2021. (Please note that the new multicurrency Wirex Mastercard is now available to order in the app!) 

 In case you have any questions about the closure of Visa card accounts, we’ve curated a list of resources you can use to find answers: 

Remaining balance queries  

You can make queries regarding a closed or suspended account by contacting redemptions@contis.com. Please find the email template for queries https://files.wirexapp.com/Contis-Redemption-email-template.docx

Card chargeback queries  

Kindly send any chargebacks requests to Contis Support via Redemptions@contis.com. Please find the email template for queries https://files.wirexapp.com/Contis-Redemption-email-template.docx

Contis will make any payments relating to successful chargebacks directly to you.  

Card/account statement  

Please forward your request to support@contis.com with the following information:  

  • Full Name:  
  • First Line of Address:   
  • Postcode:  
  • DOB:  
  • Account Number or Last 4 digits of card:  
  • Time period for the statement: 

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