Difference between 'Interest in Kind' and 'Interest in WXT'

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Interest in kind means you receive interest in the same currency that you opened the account on (for instance, a BTC X-Account earns interest in BTC). This interest is then added to your X-Account balance every week. 

Interest in WXT means that, regardless of what currency you open your X-Account on, you will receive interest in WXT - our native token. This will then be paid directly into your X-tras account, where Premium / Elite account holders will continue to earn an annual Savings Bonus on their WXT balance. Receiving interest in WXT adds another 4% to your rate and unlocks many other benefits in the Wirex app. 

Other than higher interest rate, what are the benefits of choosing interest in WXT and how does it get credited?

Interest in WXT is calculated the same way (daily) and paid the same way (weekly). However, this interest does not get added to your X-Account balance. Instead, the interest is credited to your X-tras WXT account. Premium and Elite users will then continue to earn an annual Savings Bonus on any funds held in their WXT accounts. With WXT, you can continue to grow your balance and benefit from any market price changes, use it to pay for things in real life with your Wirex card or send it to one of your contacts in a matter of seconds. 

What are the interest rates for each currency?

 In Kind 

 In WXT 

Digital currency rates (BTC, ETH) 



Traditional currency rates (EUR, GBP) 



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