Local card transaction limits

Region: Asia Pacific

If you’ve linked your local bank cards, you can either instantly buy cryptocurrencies or top up your Wirex fiat accounts with GBP, EUR, and USD, easily managing both your fiat and crypto in one app.

Note: you can have up to 5 cards linked to your Wirex account. Also, you can change your linked cards up to 5 times per month. The same local card cannot be linked to different Wirex accounts. You can make transactions with your linked local card (such as topping up or buying crypto) 3 times per 24 hour period. 

When using a local card, the following limits apply to the transactions in USD equivalent:




Minimum transaction amount

10 USD

Maximum amount per transaction (unconfirmed card)

50 USD

Maximum amount per day (confirmed card) 2500 USD 
Maximum daily limit (unconfirmed card) 50 USD
Maximum daily limit (confirmed card) 2500 USD
Maximum number of successful transactions per 24 hours 3 successful transactions in a day
The number of cards that can be linked to the account at the same time (in order to link a new card, the previous one should be deleted) 5
Maximum top-up amount for WXT (confirmed card)* 500 USD per day

* The limits refer to a user, not a transaction

Note: Limits can vary by asset class. For example, with WXT, the top-up limit is $1500 per transaction. You can see a detailed breakdown of cryptocurrency limits here.

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