What is strong customer authentication (SCA)

Region: Asia Pacific

Strong customer authentication is an authentication process meant to validate the identity of the user of a payment service or of the payment transaction. SCA specifically indicates if the transaction or relevant action which is going to be fulfilled is authorized.

Strong customer authentication is meant to replace the previous methods of authentication through confirmation e-mails sent to customers’ e-mail addresses linked with Wirex accounts. Authentication under SCA is fulfilled through SMS confirmation consisting of 4-digit code, which is sent to a mobile number that is verified with the Wirex account, as per the figure below:

SCA is applied to outgoing crypto and fiat transactions as well as card payments, as follows:

Type of transfer SCA applied
Internal transfer (Crypto) Yes
External transfer (Crypto) Yes
ePOS transaction Yes (3DS)

SCA is not only applied to the payments and outgoing transactions, we have implemented this enhanced security measure for the list of actions dealing with access authorization such as:

Action SCA
Login Yes
Reset password Yes
Change password Yes
Device confirmation Yes
Phone number re-verification Yes

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