Wirex Premium and Elite - what benefits do I get?

Region: Asia Pacific

The Premium and Elite Price Plans give you access to exclusive benefits like supercharged rewards. For the full rundown of features by plan, check out our Pricing page - in the meantime, here’s a summary of how the Premium and Elite plans transform your Wirex experience: 


  • 1% Cryptoback™ (in store) 

  • 1% Cryptoback™ (online) 

  • 4% Savings Bonus on WXT account balance* 


  • 2% Cryptoback™ (in store) 

  • 2% Cryptoback™ (online) 

  • 12% Savings Bonus on WXT account balance* 

  • Merchant offers (coming soon) 

Stay tuned - there more exclusive features will be revealed soon! 

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