Wirex Card terms

Region: United Kingdom

Upd: Apr 1, 2021

1. Welcome

These terms and conditions, combined with the Wirex General Terms of Service (the “Wirex Terms”), the Wirex Multicurrency Account Terms, Privacy Policy, and any other documents referred to in these items (collectively, the “Wirex Card Terms”) apply to your Wirex Profile, your use of the Wirex Service, and Wirex MasterCard debit card (the “Card”). Please read them carefully.  

You can find all of the Terms here.

These Wirex Card Terms set out the agreement between: 

  • You, as the Card user; and 
  • Wirex Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 09334596 and registered address at 9th Floor 107 Cheapside, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 6DN (“Wirex”, “we”, “our”, or “us”).  

Capitalised terms defined in the Wirex General Terms of Service have the same meanings when they are used in these Wirex Card Terms. 

By ordering a Card you agree to be bound by these Wirex Card Terms and you should therefore read these Wirex Card Terms carefully. 

2. Third Party Providers

You can choose to allow a Third Party Provider (“TPP”) to access information on your account, to combine and display information about your account with information from accounts you have with other payment service providers, and, if applicable to your payment instrument, to make payments for you you’re your account, provided the TPP is authorised by the FCA or another European regulator and you have given your explicit consent.  

If you do, you must keep us informed of any incorrect or unauthorised transactions that happen so we can take steps to stop further misuse of your payment instrument and arrange any refund you've been entitled to. 

If you are thinking of using a TPP, it is important you check with the regulator whether it is authorised before you use it.  

We can refuse or stop access to a TPP if we are concerned it is not authorised or if we believe it is fraudulent or acting fraudulently. If that happens, we'll contact you to explain why unless we believe that would compromise our security or it would be unlawful.  

This change will not affect any customers who do not use TPPs. 

3. The Wirex Payment Card (the “Card”) 

The Card is a physical or virtual MasterCard card which can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. The Card can be used for both instore and online purchases, as well as to make payments over the phone or to withdraw cash from automated cash machines.  

Your Card is a multicurrency payment card capable of spending or withdrawal in different currencies. The currencies available to you are indicated on your Wirex Profile. You will need to load the correct currencies onto your Wirex Profile before you can make purchases or withdrawals.

Your Card is funded directly by funds held on your Wirex Profile. No funds are held on your Card. These funds do not earn interest and are not bank deposits. Funds on your Card are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We will however ensure that any fiat funds received by you are held in a separate and segregated account so that if we become insolvent for any reason your funds will be protected against claims made by our creditors. 

Your Card is not a credit line and does make credit available to you.

4. Our licensing status 

Your Card is issued by us (the “Card Issuer”). 

Wirex Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an e-money institution with registration number 902025 and any of its successors or assignees will be authorised by applicable regulatory authority or other government entity as an “electronic money institution”, “e-money institution”, “small electronic money institution”, or any other applicable qualification under which an entity is authorized to issue or acquire Electronic Money transactions under applicable law or regulation.  

5. Eligibility 

You must be at least 18 years old and a UK  resident to apply for and use a Card. You must also have already created a Wirex Profile and accepted our Wirex Terms, as well as verified your identity with us. You can read more about our KYC requirements at Section 13 of the General Terms of Service

6. Applying for a Card 

To apply for a Card, login to your Wirex Profile on the Wirex Website or App and request to order a card. You can only apply for a Card after completing KYC verification with us and your identity and address has been verified. 

7. Activating your Card 

When you first receive your Card, you must sign the back of the card as indicated. You also need to activate your Card, which you can do by following the instructions provided when you receive your Card. To create a personal identification number (“PIN”) for your Card, follow the instructions in your Wirex Profile.  

You’ll also be asked to specify the preferred currencies on your Card.  

8. Loading funds onto your Card 

Your Card is funded directly by funds held on your Wirex Profile. You will need to load the correct currencies onto your Wirex Profile before you can make purchases or withdrawals. To see which currencies your Card supports, check your Wirex Profile. Your Wirex Profile will also tell you how you can add funds to your Wirex Multicurrency Account. You will not incur fees for loading your Card, but other fees continue to apply. You can find more information in  the Multicurrency Account Terms and updated overview of fees can be found on our Pricing page. 

9. Multicurrency function of your Card 

Your Card offers the ability to spend funds in different currencies. The currencies available to you will be shown in your Wirex Profile. Let us know your preferred currencies by choosing them on the Wirex Profile. When you make a transaction or withdrawal in a currency not loaded onto your Wirex Profile, we’ll use your preferred currencies in the order you specify to us to complete the transaction or withdrawal. Currency exchange fees may apply.  

10. Changing your PIN number 

To change your Card PIN number, simply follow the instructions in the Wirex App.  

11. Fees and limits 

You can check fees and limits corresponding to your Card on our Pricing page.  

Make sure you have enough funds to cover both the value of any purchases or withdrawals and fees associated with the transaction, or your transaction may be declined. 

You are responsible for any third-party fees you incur as a result of using your Card, for instance, fees you may incur from international or foreign currency ATM withdrawals.  

12. Using your Card

Only you are authorised to use your Card. You can use your Card to spend or withdraw funds you have loaded onto the Card. Your Card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Wirex is not liable for any charges or losses where you use your Card where MasterCard is not accepted.  

A Card transaction is authorised when you: 

  • enter your PIN or provide any other security code; 
  • sign a sales voucher; 
  • provide your Card details and/or any other details as requested; or 
  • wave, tap or swipe the Card over a card reader. 

Only funds loaded onto your Wirex Profile can be spent. The Card does not offer any form of credit line to you. If you attempt to transact or withdraw using the Card and do not have sufficient funds loaded onto your Wirex Profile, the transaction or withdrawal may be declined.

In some cases, you may incur a delayed charged, such as when using public transport. You are liable for all charges made with your Card. In the rare event that you incur a negative balance on your Card because you do not have sufficient funds to cover delayed transactions, you will be fully liable to Wirex to cover the amount of any negative balances plus any applicable fees, charges and costs incurred by Wirex in attempting to recover the required amount from you.  

At all times, we’ll show your Card balance on your Wirex Profile, which will be immediately updated to reflect purchases and withdrawals you make with the Card.  

You can also view the aggregate balance of your Card by using an ATM which accepts MasterCard. Please note that some ATM operators may charge a fee for such service.  

13. Statements

Statements are available by contacting Customer Support.

14. Errors, transaction disputes and unauthorised transactions  

Ensure that you retain all records and receipts of transactions you make with your Card. You can check all of your transaction details at any time on your Wirex Profile.  

If you don’t notify us of any errors, disputes, and unauthorised transactions within 13 months of a transaction or withdrawal, we’ll assume them to be true. To notify us, contact us at supportescalations@wirexapp.com and we’ll get back to you. We’ll do our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We’ll solely decide whether an issue is attributable to Wirex or our third-party service providers. Where Wirex or our third-party service providers are not at fault, we will have no liability to you. 

Where payee details provided by you are incorrect, we are not liable for non-execution or defective execution of the payment transaction, but we will make reasonable efforts to recover the funds involved in the payment transaction and notify you of the outcome.  

We can return money paid to your payment instrument by mistake, however, if you don't think a payment made to you from a payment service provider in the EEA was a mistake, we may also be allowed to share your personal information with the paying payment service provider so that you can be contacted directly.  

This is because we are required to cooperate with other payment service providers and share all relevant information in order to assist with tracing money which is sent to the wrong person.   

If you give us the wrong details for a payment or you tell us about an incorrect payment more than 13 months after it was made, we won't give you a refund but we'll try and trace it for you. We may charge you a reasonable fee to cover our costs in doing this. 

15. Late payments and payment transactions for unknown amounts 

For card-based payment transactions where you do not know the exact amount of the payment transaction at the time you authorise it, we will not block funds on your payment instrument unless you authorise the exact amount to be blocked. This could be the case for payments you make at hotels or at fuel stations for example.  

We shall release any blocked funds without undue delay as soon as we are aware of the exact amount of the payment transaction and immediately after receipt of the relevant payment order. 

16. Refunds

Ensure that you authorise transactions and withdrawals which you are sure you want to make, as you cannot stop or reverse a payment or withdrawal. If you want to receive a refund for a purchase, you will need to contact the merchant you paid directly to request a refund. If the merchant decides to issue a refund to you, the merchant must issue a valid refund voucher to Wirex in order for us to credit the refund to your Card.  

Any dispute you have with a merchant over goods or services you purchased with your Card must be taken up directly with the merchant. Any dispute you have with the services provided by an ATM must be taken up with the ATM operator. 

Wirex may, but is not required, to file a formal dispute with a merchant on your behalf. In these circumstances, you must provide us with all relevant and correct information concerning the dispute.  

Refunds will be credited to your Card corresponding to the currency used to issue the refund. If this currency is not supported by your Card, the refund will be converted at applicable exchange rates and fees.  

17. Security

You must keep your Card and security credentials safe and not let anyone else know or use them. You must keep your security information secret at all times; never disclose your PIN or security information to anyone and do not store details of your PIN with your Card. Security information includes your login and password details used to access your account or any other website where your Card or account details are stored. We also recommend that you check the balance on your Card regularly on your Wirex Profile. 

Wirex will not be held liable where you fail to keep your Card secure. 

18. Liability for unauthorised transactions 

Unless you have acted fraudulently or with intent or gross negligence, you will only be liable for a maximum of £35 (or the equivalent in the currency of your payment instrument) up until the time you inform us that your payment instrument has been lost or stolen. You will not be liable for any losses which occur on your payment instrument after you have informed us that it has been lost or stolen.  

If you're due a refund for an unauthorised transaction, we'll make sure you receive this no later than the end of the next business day. 

19. Limitations on your Card. 

You cannot use your Card to: 

  • Make purchases with merchants who do not accept the Card; 

  • Make withdrawals with ATM operators who do not accept the Card; 

  • Violate any laws applicable to you or us; 

  • Violate our Wirex Terms, including the list of Prohibited Countries and Prohibited Transactions found in Section 14 of the Wirex General Terms of Service; 

  • for money laundering or terrorist financing purposes; and 

  • Transfer funds to a third party which does not relate to an underlying transaction for goods or services. 

20. Blocked transactions

We may refuse to pay a transaction: 

  • if we are concerned about the security of your Card or account or we suspect your Card or account is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner; 

  • if sufficient funds are not paid into your account at the time of a transaction to cover the amount of the transaction and any applicable fees; 

  • if there is a negative balance on your account; 

  • if we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are not using your Card or account in accordance with these Wirex Card Terms; 

  • if we believe that a transaction is potentially suspicious or illegal (for example, if we believe that a transaction is being made fraudulently); or 

  • because of errors, failures (whether mechanical or otherwise) or refusal to process a transaction by merchants, payment processors or payment schemes such as MasterCard, BACS or CHAPS.  

If we refuse a transaction, we will tell you why immediately, if we can, unless it would be unlawful for us to do so. You may correct any information we hold and which may have caused us to refuse a transaction by contacting customer support. 

21. Ordering a Replacement Card 

To order a replacement Card if your Card is lost or stolen, contact Customer Support. Fees may apply. 

22. Expiration

Your Card will be valid until the expiry date stated on the Card. After it expires, you will no longer be able to transact using the Card. We’ll automatically issue you a new Card when it is close to expiration.  

If we’re unable to contact you based on our records of your contact information six (6) months or more after the expiry date of your Card, we will hold the remaining balance(s) on your Card. Contact customer support to retrieve any funds on your Card. 

23. Stolen or lost Cards 

If you lose your Card or it is stolen, or you suspect that someone else has found out your PIN or security information or accessed your account without your permission, you must tell us immediately by contacting customer support. Your Card will be cancelled immediately, and your account may be blocked. If, after reporting a lost Card, you subsequently find the Card you must not use it. Cut it in half through the signature box, magnetic strip and chip.  

24. Account closure by us 

We may cancel your Card and this agreement by giving you at least two months’ notice.  
We may also cancel your Card immediately if we: 

  • suspect unauthorised or fraudulent use of your Card; 

  • have any other security concerns;  

  • need to close your account in accordance with Section 17 of the General Terms of Service; or 

  • need to do so to comply with the law. 

We may also deny access to your Card and/or account where we consider it to be at risk of money laundering or terrorism financing, fraud or other criminal activity. If we need to take these actions and where possible, we will give reasons for doing so except where restricted by law. In these circumstances, you must tell us what you want us to do with any unused funds.  

25. Your responsibility 

You are responsible for: 

  • All charges and other amounts incurred through your use of the Card at any time, including any amounts outstanding after you stop using the Card or if we suspend or cancel your Card; and 

  • Complying with any and all laws, rules and regulations of your jurisdiction that may apply to you in connection with your use of the Card, including but not limited to, activities of import and export, taxes or foreign currency transactions. We will not be responsible for the execution of tax obligations, or calculation and transfer of taxes applied to you. 

  • You are also responsible for keeping a copy of any information you upload to the Wirex Service or that is accessible through your Wirex Profile. We will not offer you compensation for any losses you might suffer as a result of any information that you access on the Wirex Service being deleted, or your access to such information being terminated or suspended if you or we terminate or suspend your use of the Wirex Service. 

It is extremely important to keep your Card and Wirex Profile information safe and secure, as well as your email address and devices you may use to access your Wirex Profile. You will be responsible for limiting access to your Card and keeping your Wirex Profile secure.  

26. Our responsibility 

If we incorrectly deduct funds from your account, we will refund them. If we subsequently establish that the refunded amount had in fact been correctly deducted, we may deduct it from your available balance and may charge you a fee. If you do not have sufficient available balance, you must repay us the amount immediately on demand. If unauthorised transactions occur after you have notified us of the loss, theft, compromise or unauthorised use of your Card or account, and you have not acted fraudulently or in breach of these Terms and Conditions, then we will be liable. We will not be liable to you in connection with or arising from your use of or inability to use your Card as a result or in connection with any of the following: 

  • failed, missed, delayed, or fraudulent transactions, payment transmission errors, or any other issues related to payment or the processing, loading and/or transfer of money between you and the Card Issuer as the loading channel; 

  •  the Card Issuer's failure to convey any notice, instructions or communications to us or other third parties on your behalf, accurately, in a timely manner or at all; 

  • any unauthorised access to, disclosure of, wrongful or fraudulent use of your Card(s), Wirex Profile, Wirex Service, personal data, PIN and password to the extent not attributable to any acts or omissions on part of Wirex; 

  • any error, negligence, wilful default, misconduct, fraud, act, omission, breach or failure of, or contravention of applicable laws by, any other party (including you and the Card Issuer); 

  • any refusal by a merchant to accept your Card 

  • for any interruption, disruption or impairment of our service or any third-party services on which we rely for the performance of our obligations hereunder; 

  • for refusing to authorise a transaction; 

  • for cancelling or suspending use of your Card; 

  • for any loss arising from your inability to use your Card or access your account due to interruptions; 

  • for any direct or indirect loss or damage you may suffer including loss of revenue, loss of reputation, goodwill, opportunity or anticipated savings as a result of your total or partial use or inability to use your Card; 

  • for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with your Card; and  

  • any abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, however so caused. 

27. Card Interruption

From time to time, your ability to use your Card or account may be interrupted. If this happens, you may be unable to use your Card.  In addition, like other payment cards, we cannot guarantee a merchant will accept your Card, or that we will necessarily authorise any particular transaction. This may be because of a system problem, something outside our reasonable control, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, or because we have suspended, restricted or cancelled your account or refused to replace it in accordance with these Wirex Card Terms.  

28. Contacting you in an emergency

We may need to contact you urgently if we suspect or find fraudulent activity has occurred on your account (provided we are not prohibited from doing so by law) or if we suffer a security threat. To do so, we may (for example) send you a text message instead of calling or emailing you, if we think this is the quickest way to contact you. When we contact you, we will also give you information on how you can minimise any risk to your payment instrument depending on the nature of the security threat.  

We will use the same contact details which you have already provided us with when contacting you. You must inform us immediately if your personal details or contact information change. 

29. Complaints

If you need any help or want to make a comment or complaint, please contact our customer service at customercomplaints@wirexapp.com. We aim to resolve all enquiries within two weeks. 

Please give us the opportunity to resolve your complaint. We will respond to any complaints within 15 business days of receiving your complaint, except in exceptional circumstances beyond our control. In any event, we will respond to your complaint within 35 business days of receiving your compliant. 

If we have not been able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you may take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), details of which are available here. You can also call the FOS on 0300 123 9123 or write to: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange, London, E14 9SR. 

30. Cancelling your Card 

You have a legal right to cancel your Card up to 14 days from the date your account is activated/issued without incurring any penalty and we will refund any card issuance fees. You can also cancel your Card any time after the 14-day period by contacting customer support. You should also cut your cancelled card in half through the signature box, magnetic strip and chip. You will not be entitled to a refund of money you have already spent on transactions authorised or pending or any fees for use of the Card or account before the Card or account is cancelled or expires. 

31. Personal Information (include change of info) 

Keeping your personal data safe is important to us. How we handle your personal data is explained in our privacy policy

If your details such as name, address, email address, and telephone or mobile number change, let us know immediately. 

32. Changes to these Wirex Card Terms 

We may make changes to our Wirex Card Terms from time to time. Where possible, we will notify you at least 2 months in advance of the date of these changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you must stop using the Card before the planned commencement date of the new changes. Continuing use of the Card means that you accept our new changes. Certain changes may occur immediately and without notice. This may happen when we are required to make changes by law, or where we make minor changes to these Wirex Card Terms that do not impact your rights and remedies or our obligations. When such changes occur, we will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable. 

33. Assignment

If we consider it to be operationally necessary, we may at any time assign or transfer the rights and novate the obligations of Wirex Limited to another entity in the Wirex Group without your consent. If that happens, from the effective date of the transfer, these Wirex Card Terms will be an agreement between you and the successor Wirex entity and that entity will assume the rights and obligations of Wirex Limited as if it were itself a party to these Wirex Card Terms. Your rights and obligations under these Wirex Card Terms will remain the same and we will notify you as soon as reasonably practicable. 

34. Governing law and dispute resolution 

English law will apply to all disputes and the interpretation of these Terms. The English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from or related to your use of the Wirex Service. You agree to raise a complaint with us and follow the steps outlined in Section 21 of the General Terms before any dispute may be raised in a court of law.   

35. Other miscellaneous items 

No third-party rights are created in these Wirex Card Terms. Only you, as the holder of the Wirex Profile will have any rights to enforce these Terms. You cannot assign or transfer any of your rights under these Wirex Card Terms to someone else. 

Where we do not enforce our rights under these Wirex Card Terms, we do not waive our rights. We may transfer or assign our rights under these Wirex Card Terms at any time. 

Unless stated otherwise in these Wirex Card Terms, if any provision of these Wirex Card Terms is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced to the extent possible.