Buy Bitcoin With PayPal

PayPal is one of the primary means of buying bitcoin instantly, but it can be a complicated process managing it through peer-to-peer networks as the buying and selling of bitcoin is against PayPal policy, which makes it a risky process.

So how do you buy bitcoin with PayPal? There are still ways around it, one of which being the linking of your Wirex payment card to your PayPal account. It’s actually possible to link many payment processors to your Wirex card, and PayPal is one of the favoured options. With the Wirex and PayPal connection, you are able to transfer funds securely from your PayPal account in order to buy bitcoin online.

Linking Your Wirex Card To PayPal

In order to successfully buy bitcoin with PayPal using your Wirex payment card you need to have the following set up:

  • A PayPal account
  • A Wirex account that is fully verified
  • A Wirex VISA card

Once you’ve got your PayPal account set up, you need to ensure you have a positive balance in your account. You also need to ensure that your Wirex VISA card has a balance of at least $3 or more.

Navigate to the wallet in PayPal and click on “Link a card”.

Fill in the card details for your Wirex card as well as your personal details and click “Save”.

Once you’ve saved the details of your Wirex card, PayPal will run a series of confirmations to validate the card details. This will include a series of transactions, which is why you need the minimum balance of $3 on your Wirex card. You will be asked for a code from PayPal, which can be found in your Wirex card transactions. Once you’ve entered that code on PayPal’s side, your accounts will be linked.

Buying Bitcoin With PayPal And Your Wirex Card

Click on “Withdraw funds” in PayPal to withdraw money from your PayPal account to pay for your bitcoin. You obviously need to have funds in your account and PayPal will deduct a fee for this transaction, which will come from the amount you choose to withdraw. The minimum amount is $10. It can take up to seven days for the funds to appear in your Wirex account, but once there, you can purchase bitcoin instantly.